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As with most kids activities, Stafford Lacrosse was started because kids wanted to play so their parents made it happen.  Lacrosse was started in 2007 by Allen Warren with a Senior B team that had 13 players.  Al continued the program to include a high school club a year later.  In 2009 Rick Ward joined and added the Bantam and Junior teams to the organization - giving us 4 teams.  In addition, Rick made equipment available for players looking to try out lacrosse.  In 2011 Sanny Chappell-Daugherty became President and continued Rick's plan of giving equipment to kids looking to try out lacrosse.  Sanny was also instrumental in outfitting all our teams with new uniforms.  In 2013 Todd Levesque became president and started the Lightning league bumping us up to 5 teams.  In 2016 Heather Leeman and Cynthia Brown joined to help start the girls program.  We have grown from one team with 13 kids to five teams, hope to have more with girls, and over 60 kids who look sharp.  Every year we continue to grow.  Our goal moving forward is to have the High School Club a High School Varsity Sport which is getting close and to continue growing the youth teams.