May 7th, 2017


Meeting was held at the Metropolitan Banquet Hall just to the south of Sno-King Ice Arenas - Renton.

Please park in the ice arena's parking area.


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Schedule for the meeting:

  • Lunch:  Pizza provided by Veraci Pizza 
  • General Membership Meeting and Election:  11:30 am to 12:30 pm
  • 2016-2017 Team Awards:  1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
  • 3 x 3
  • Family Skate @ the Public Session
  • Pop-Up Team Store:  stock up on your Sno-King wear - from Noon-3:00pm
  • Swap-Meet: "Gently used" hockey gear to buy, sell or trade! (NO GLOVES)


There were 6 open positions for this year's election. 

 Vice President

 5 Board member positions with two year terms


The candidates were as follows (asterisk indicates those that were elected):

Vice President

Doug Corley*

Board of Directors (in alphabetical order; asterisk indicates those that were elected)

David Culley

Gordon Hancock*

Jill Loveland*

Jeff McConnell*

Ron Ortloff

Doug Ross*

Andrew Turner*



Doug Corley - Candidate for Vice President

I've spent the last several years in and around rinks as my son has grown from mite to midget.  I have had the honor in being a part of it as his coach, manager, spectator, and currently as the Vice President of Sno-King.  I have participated in several coaching clinics and symposiums and I am a USA Hockey Level 5 coach.  I am excited about the progress that Sno-King has made over the years to become a USA Hockey Model Association, and the commitment both USA Hockey and Sno-King are making to promote the Seattle area as a place where athletes can choose to become hockey players for life.  As an uncle of two grown hockey players who played into their college careers, I have seen the benefits that hockey has taught them as leaders as they continue to be players for life.  With this, I hope you support my candidacy for Vice President so we can achieve these goals.




David Culley - Candidate for Board of Directors

I am pleased to be nominated for a position on the board for Sno-King Amateur Hockey Association.  If selected I will focus my efforts on raising funds needed for the future development of SKAHA as well as keeping programs affordable for families.  I would also like to focus on public relations and marketing to further strengthen the association.

I have been involved in hockey for 31 years.  I grew up playing in the Portland Jr.  Hawks Program and played in Sapporo, Japan.  I was fortunate to work with the Portland Winterhawks in the Western Hockey League for over 25 years.  I worked with some of the most influential people associated with the NHL and WHL.  This has brought me a great amount of knowledge and understanding with all aspects of hockey.  We trained and groomed players to not only be future professional hockey players but also arm them with valuable life skills.  I was also involved with Vancouver Youth Hockey Association serving on the board as the Fundraising Chair.  I participated in youth development at the mite and squirts level for the ADM hockey model.  I also enjoyed spending time coaching and working with hockey players.

I’ve been in the Sno-King Amateur Hockey Association for 2 seasons now, and I would like to be more involved as I know this is the program that I want my 10-year-old goalie to continue to play in.  I have a passion for working with people and hope to bring my knowledge in sales, communications, and public relations to this great association.  I am confident I can add value to the Board and work effectively alongside fellow Board members with my passion for hockey and the association’s future growth.



Gordon Hancock - Candidate for Board of Directors

My family and I have been Sno-King members since moving to Washington 5 years ago.  Our son, CJ, started out in Mite Minor and is looking forward to transitioning to a full-time goalie this year in 12u program.  He loves to play the game and we are happy to support him year-round.

During this time, I have volunteered as our team manager for 3 seasons.  This role has provided me with the opportunity to contribute, as a non-skater, to the association and our coaches goal of instilling a love for the game and helping ensure that our teams’ kids and parents have the best possible experience each season.  Now, I would like to become more involved in the Association and do what I can to assist Sno-King in maintaining its focus on achieving the goal of building players for life by enabling all current and future members to have a great experience as the organization continues to transform its programs and physical presence to support the ever-growing membership.

When I’m not at practice, a game, or preparing team communications, I am engaged in my job as an Infrastructure Architect for IBM or supporting my neighborhood in my role as Treasurer on our Homeowners Association Board of Directors.  I think my personal and professional experience as well as my love for the game of hockey and strong desire to be engaged in the Association, will serve well as a member of the board.

Thank you for your consideration.


Jill Loveland - Candidate for Board of Directors

Jill Loveland is the dedicated goalie mom of Jack Loveland, a 2nd year 10U player in the Sno-King Amateur Hockey Association.  As with most SKAHA parents, especially a goalie mom, Jill and her husband (Shawn Loveland) have been supportive of SKAHA with their time and money.

Jill is seeking Board membership to help improve SKAHA with its goal of supporting the kids and adults who play hockey; especially the goalie program.  For over 26 years, Jill’s professional life as an Oncology Registered Nurse has been in the service of helping others.  Of those 26 years, 21 of them have been with the Fred Hutchinson & the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in various nursing roles.

If elected, she would like to improve communication between the Board & Members of the SKAHA organization.  In nursing, she is an advocate for her patients.  She would like to be an advocate for the parents who have children in the SHAHA program; especially the goalie program.  She would also like further assist team managers in their roles to help make the season the best it can be.

With approval of the goalie director, Darin Campbell, she created a goalie focused Facebook group for parents & goalies of age to share goalie related information.  She would like to build on this foundation to continue to improve communication with the Goalie Program & parents/goalies.

If you are looking to find Jill, she will be behind the net during Jack’s games pacing nervously or in the scorebox intensely watching the game.  When not behind the net or at work, she also volunteers as a Board member of her neighbourhood HOA, Webelos Cub Scout den leader & art docent at Endeavour Elementary School.



Jeff McConnell - Candidate for Board of Directors

I started my relationship with Sno-King Hockey as a bantam player in the early 80’s, transferring from the defunct Eastside Hockey Association in Bellevue, where I had begun my playing career.  I played with Sno-King thru Midgets and then with the defunct Seattle Ironmen Junior team.  I re-joined Sno-King when my son, Dillon started playing in the Sno-King beginners program, Dillon will be a first-year Bantam next season.  My daughter Kaitlyn also played briefly.  I’ve also had the privilege of serving as a team manager with my wife Terri for the last 6 years and have also served as the Squirt Division Lead.

As a board member for the last 4 years, I’ve gotten to experience Sno-King Hockey from a whole new perspective and what an experience it has been.  As we now look to the future and work on ways to help Sno-King Hockey continue to serve the needs of all the folks that find Hockey and Figure Skating to be the greatest sports in the world, I look forward to being part of the team that helps drive this growth.

Currently I serve as the Spirit Committee Director, this committee is responsible for raising the experience of our players and parents.  Over the last couple of years we have introduced Sno-King Spirit Gifts, this has included: Player Hoodies, Sno-King Helmet Sitckers, the Annual Commemorative Association Hockey Puck (coming up on our 4th year), Sno-King bumper stickers and this last year, water bottles for all of our 2016-2017 registratered players.  I’ve also been the point person responsible for making Sno-King branded merchandise available to our players and parents.  We’ve introduced our on-line store, our Kirkland Team Store and placed our products at the Sharper Edge in Renton.  This includes a large selection of shirts, hoodies, hats and even Stride-Line footwear.  I look forward to your support so that I can continue to serve the players and families of Sno-King Hockey.



Ron Ortloff - Candidate for Board of Directors

Dear fellow Sno-King members,

My name is Ron Ortloff and I am running for a Board of Director position in the 2017 Election.

My family and I have been members of the Sno-King association since my oldest son played Mite Minor 8 years ago.  I have been involved as a coach all 8 years in addition to serving as a Board Member for the past 4 years.  This past season, I coached our 14U Bantam A1 team.

My wife Leah and I truly enjoy being part of the Sno-King family and have been actively volunteering within our children’s teams to help Sno-King meet its mission of Building Players for Life.  Our three children Mason (2002, 14U), Tyler (2006, 10U) and Kaitlyn enjoy their time playing on Sno-King teams and hanging out around the rinks.

As a board member, I have been working on the Hockey and Executive Director Search Committees as well as the Capital Campaign to find more ice.  I am a strong advocate for our membership, raising issues to the Board and necessary committees for resolution.  As a Sno-King Board Member I will continue to make sure your voice is heard.

I grew up playing hockey on the frozen lakes and ponds outdoors in Minnesota.  I have played organized youth hockey through High-School and finished playing NCAA Division III College Hockey at St.  John’s University.  I have a very deep passion for the game and enjoy teaching kids the game.  As a Board Member, I want to help continue to improve the experience for all kids who love the game of hockey.

Thanks for your consideration.



Doug Ross - Candidate for Board of Directors

Innocently enough in 2004 my Sno-King experience began when I was drafted to be the assistant coach on my son's 8U team.  In 2006, I began supporting Sno-King by taking on the Tournament Director role when my son Daniel was a Squirt.  That first year as the Tournament Director we scrambled to find enough teams to fill in the brackets.  After successfully building up the program I stepped down from the Tournament Coordinator position in 2011.  Our tournaments are now a financial success and fill up early in the season.  Additionally, I will occasionally attend the PCAHA Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association meeting in British Columbia, the league or 14U and older Rep teams participate in.  I also attend the PNAHA meetings every 4 months.  It has been a pleasure to have coached Mite thru Midget house, State B, 18U Rep and High School Hockey teams for Sno-King, I am a Level 4 coach.

In 2013 Sno-King awarded me with the Bob McCormack award.  Between 2013 and 2016 I was the SafeSport coordinator for PNAHA (Pacific Northwest Amateur Hockey Association) an affiliate of the Pacific District of USA Hockey.  Currently I am the SKIS Board Member for the Facilities Committee, working with Jamie Huscroft, Doug Corley and our SKAHA President, Keith Rettig.

Our association has come a long way in the past fourteen years.  Sno-King has been blessed with great leaders on the Board of Directors, it has been my pleasure to be a member of the Board of Directors and participate with their vision during the past eight years.

Watching the players grow as they progress from Learn to Skate and up is a very rewarding experience.  I encourage all of you to get involved, it may be as limited as taking care of the Clock and Score Sheet, taking on the toughest job in Sno-King, being a Team Manager or taking your Level One coaching course and joining your child on the ice during practice.  Join us as Sno-King continues to develop as the PNAHA prominent association and growing hockey in the Northwest.


Andrew Turner - Candidate for Board of Directors

I live in Issaquah with my wife Jody, our son Jack (10), and daughter Dillon (8). 

I grew up in Chicago and have been skating and playing hockey since kindergarten.  I remember vividly my first pair of skates: they were black-and-yellow hand-me-downs and had long yellow laces.  There was an outdoor rink about a mile from my house where I spent most every afternoon and weekend in the winter.  I played hockey through high school and currently play in a men's league (Go Mavericks!).  Hockey has had a profound impact on my life and who I am.

My son, Jack, has played at Sno-King for the last two years, first as a Rec. player, and this year as part of the 10U Rep program.  Jack had a transformational year with his team and Coach Hall, and I watched his love for hockey flourish just like mine did thirty years ago.

I'd like to become more involved with the Sno-King community and help other kids and families experience the joy of hockey.  Whether that's in a learn-to-skate program, as a Rec. player or competing for a spot on a Rep. team, I can't think of a better way to learn the lessons of hard work, dedication, sportsmanship, and camaraderie, all while having a blast. 

In addition to having a passion for hockey, I can serve the Board in other ways.  I graduated from the University of Michigan with a dual-degree in Economics and English, and have an MBA from Stanford.  My professional background is in general management, entrepreneurship and operations.  Our family moved to Seattle when I had the opportunity to work for Eddie Bauer and launch First Ascent, a line of technical mountaineering apparel and gear, and I currently lead the Apparel and Shoes businesses for Amazon Canada.

My educational and professional experiences have helped me become a better manager and leader, and provided a diverse set of challenges that I believe are applicable to Sno-King.  I believe that we are at the beginning of a long-term growth trend in youth hockey in the Northwest and should be thoughtful about positioning the organization for long-term success through maximum participation at all levels, while focusing on creating fun and competitive environments where our sons and daughters can fall in love with hockey.  I am excited to embrace that challenge and help the Board.