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The Bradford Ski Team (BST) is a member of the Eastern Massachusetts Buddy Werner League (EMBWL,) a youth ski race league comprised of independent ski clubs with the goal of making participants better skiers and racers. The focus of this program is on an introduction to racing and competition, skills, etiquette, and fun.



BST is a 501c (7) non-profit organization providing educational opportunities for children and young adults, to develop as athletes and as people, through athletic training in alpine ski racing.


The Bradford Ski Team provides a competitive race venue, based on long term athlete development, with a strong introductory element.  Regardless, an experienced, advanced racer or someone with beginning interests in trying ski racing, the Bradford Ski Team caters to the individual racer to promote personal growth, skill enhancement, mental skills, and increased knowledge about the sport to create a life-long attraction to skiing and ski racing.



The Bradford Ski Team alpine ski racing program is designed to provide athletes of all skill levels an opportunity to pursue their goals in ski racing built around the following objectives;

  • Provide the opportunity for young athletes to have fun, be with their friends, and enjoy learning to become better skiers while ski racing.

  • Provide a program focused on simplifying, developing, and enhancing fundamental and advanced skills that will prepare athletes to progress to higher levels in the sport if they so choose.

  • Provide a program that gives every young athlete the opportunity to be their best and progress individually while working and improving together as a team.

  • To meet the needs of every aspiring ski racing athlete in the local area from 1st year U8 racers to those U16 and U19 athletes striving to compete at the college and National Team levels.

  • To take a holistic approach; look at the big picture as well as the fine details of conditioning, diet, equipment, technology, and the different learning styles of athletes to bring out the best in every individual.

  • Challenge young athletes at the appropriate time, age, and developmental stage in the proper environment to provide the opportunity to build confidence through periodic successes.

  • To assist parents in teaching the life skills that will impact their children for their entire lives both in and out of sports.


The knowledge and experience shared by our staff consists of several decades of coaching.


BST has a proud history of reaching these goals.



Each one of these core values contributes to our success as a Club and as individuals.


One’s commitment to working hard, setting goals, improving ourselves, aspiring for excellence on and off the hill, in dryland, and in school, all contribute to one’s level of commitment. Everyone’s level of commitment contributes to his or her level of success.



Teamwork is the basic from which we can build a support system that will help everyone achieve success.

The success of individuals within the Club leads to the success of BST, the support that we can offer to one another, in striving to succeed, leads to more individual success and Club success.



Integrity describes a personal trait that shows strong moral principles, consistent good character, and honesty. Together we all represent BST. The actions we take, as individuals and as an organization, are a direct reflection of BST. Showing respect towards others, having fun in a positive way, and working hard to achieve goals all contribute to our success in this core value.