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Are you new to hockey?


First of all....welcome to one of the greatest sports available for both kids and adults alike!  

Our Newark program is called "NIHA" which stands for Newark Ice Hockey Association".   All of the current members of our association have been in your shoes at one point and know EXACTLY what you may be thinking right now.  

  1. It is so are we going to afford this?
  2. My son or daughter is are they going to adapt to the teams?

Answer to #1:  It is more expensive than your regular school sports however, our season lasts from September to late March so the overall cost divided out is extremely reasonable.  We do have a scholarship program that is available.  We also loan out sets of protective equipment for the season and have a yearly used 'swap' equipment and skates for anyone who needs them.  If you have more questions please contact Bruce Westfall our NIHA president or one of our equipment managers (Ben Johnson, Bud Chase, or Lindsay Shilling) for more details.

Answer to #2:   It is never too late to learn this sport.  It can be played forever so learning the basics from Learn To Skate class and our  Fundamentals in Action programs will aid in the development of a good hockey player. (see the diagram below)


Here at Newark we strive to make it the BEST experience in the Central Ohio area.  We are dedicated to a fun, family atmostphere and we take great pride in keeping our organization this way.


WARNING!:  Playing hockey gets in your blood!   



NIHA Mission Statement


The Mission of the Newark Ice Hockey Association is to teach the youth of central Ohio, sportsmanship, fair play, respect for coaches, referees, players and fans through the sport of ice hockey, so that they can continue to be good citizens and enjoy the sport of ice hockey forever.



The Newark Ice Hockey Association is committed to providing the best opportunity to any individuals interested in hockey development period.

Once the child has developed thru Learn to Skate we will encourage them to take our Fundamentals in Action class which will help them learn the basics of hockey.  Hockey development is dependent on a player's ability to skate.   Emphasis is put on skating in the Fundamentals in Action since all other skills are dependent on a player's ability to skate.  Progressive drill sequences over speed and resistance training are an integral part of this program. 

Once the youth has graduated from our Fundamentals in Action and been evaluated, they will be placed on a team and begin to develop along with teammates.  They will practice and continue to run progressive drills sequences over speed and resistance training and have the opportunity to be involved in a game setting as well.  The levels that the kids play are:

  • Mini-Mite: 6 and under
  • Mite: 8 and under
  • Squirt: 10 and under
  • Peewee: 12 and under
  • Bantam: 14 and under
  • Junior Varsity Generals
  • Varsity Generals

Every youth will be encouraged to work hard and continue to develop.  In addition to the team practices and games they will be encouraged to continue with the Fundamentals in Action and to attend other camps in the area that will provide additional opportunities for the kids to develop and learn.

The most important part of being involved with NIHA is the kids must have FUN!  We encourage everyone to bring a smile when they enter the rink and take a smile home with them.

If you have any questions about our program, please don't hesitate to contact one of our Board members.  Click the 'Contact Us' button on the left of this page.