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The Eastern Massachusetts Buddy Werner League (EMBWL) and the USSA affiliate, Tri-State Alpine Ski Racing Association (Tri-State) have tentatively finalized and published their respective 2017/2018 race schedules.  Click on your U group and it will take you to your specific calendar.

NOTE:  These schedules are for USSA races only, the Buddy Werner Schedule is. or will be, posted elsewhere on the website.


  U12 - U14 Schedule of Supported Races for the 2017/2018 race season

  U16 - Schedule of Supported Races for the 2017/2018 race season

  U19 - Schedule of Supported Races for the 2017/2018 race season



Unless notified differently, these are the only races supported by the team.  If you decide to enter a race not listed, which is not recommended, you must have USSA Coach representation and we require you to enter as an individual "Ind" rather than as a member of the Bradford Ski Team "BST."   If you enter a "non-supported" race, be prepared to compensate the coach.  Those costs are a part of your Enhanced Group membership for BST supported races, however, they revert to the racer, otherwise.

Also, when you do enter, the accepted abbreviation is BST.  Over the years, racers have used, "Brad," "Bart," and others.  Make sure you use BST and end any confusion that often occurs.

Running gates and entering as many races as you can is fun.  No one who has ever raced before will argue with that.  However, keep in mind, sacrificing quality, dedicated technical practice time in lieu of gates and the tactical side of the sports is detrimental to your overall progress.  

Take a page out of Mikaela Shiffrin's note book.  She would often forego an "unimportant" race to spend more time on drills, basic skills, and becoming a better skier.  (It seems to have worked.)