Provide the premier youth tackle and flag football and cheerleader programs in the Manassas, Woodbridge, Dale City, Dumfries, Triangle areas of Prince William County.

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 Fall Season
Questions & Answers


  • What is the Facebook page?
    APC can be found by searching American Pride Cheerleading or @apyflcheer.

  • How often is practice?
    Expect two OR three days a week (time, days will vary by coach) which will be determined and communicated by coaches during the last week of pre-season practice. Our current practice location is Coles Elementary. 

  • How long are practices?
    Practices are usually 1 to 1.5 hours depending on coach/squad.

  • Will we practice inside?
    There is not indoor space for regular practices, just for Pep Rally prep.

  • How long is the season?
    Pre-season practices begin mid-August. The Fall Cheer Season is approximately 14 weeks. Nov 18 is the official last day.

  • What time and what days are games?
    Games are on Saturdays, times will vary – expect as early as 8 am arrival as late as 5 pm arrival. Our squads will cheer for different football teams each week as we have more significantly more football teams than cheer squads.

  • How are squads determined?
    Squad size is based on the number of cheerleaders registered in the program. Assignments are generally determined by age but skill level and experience are also heavily weighted factors. Any requests for siblings on the same squad are at the coach’s discretion. 

  • Does each squad only cheer for one game on Saturday?

  • Where are the games?
    Our home fields are Saunders Middle School and Independent Hill.

  • When is Alex’s Army Bowl at Gainesville?
    Planned for the weekend immediately prior to the first game of the season.

  • What color bloomers and bodysuits?

  • When it gets cold what are they wearing?
    In addition to the long sleeve body suit, we’re looking into the size options for fleece lined leggings – coaches will advise. Warm-up jackets will be provided.

  • Do we purchase jackets?
    No, warm-up jackets will be provided.

  • What items are parents responsible for?
    Shoes, socks, bloomers, and body suit (leggings if coach requires).

  • Can earrings be worn?
    For safety purposes, studs only.

  • Can you discuss hair, makeup, jewelry, etc?
    Hair should be worn in a high pony tail with bow. No makeup. Gloss is fine.

  • Will everyone stunt?
    No, it's up to the coach and her assessment of the squad skill set.

  • Does everyone have to have the same cheer bag?
    The coach will advise accordingly.

  • Annual APC Car Wash info?
    Will take place in September 17. It starts at 10 and each squad will have a designated time frame.

  • Virtual Silent Auction - will information be sent out for get items in?
    Yes. You can also reach out to your coach. We are looking for committee volunteers.

  • If my daughter hasn't been to anything, like camp, will she just be randomly placed on a squad?
    No, we use age as a guide and other criteria to place her appropriately.

  • When will uniforms be distributed?
    Hopefully, all uniforms will be in and able to be distributed before mid-September.

  • Will the girls be allowed to have a snack during game?
    Girls need water and will have a snack after half time. Parents should sign up and rotate the snack duty.

  • Once squad assigned how will we get all the coach information?
    The Director will send notification of squad assignments. Coaches will then be in contact.

  • Are there expectations of the parents at games?
    Try to keep siblings, at bay. Wear spirit wear if you can or red/white/black. Participate in crowd cheers.

  • Why is the Spirit Store only open for a short period of time?
    All items are custom made for APYFL. It must to allow enough time for production and then delivered prior to the first game.