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Keep an eye on this space and check it often.  This is where you'll find the general information about practices on a week by week basis.  Actually, it's pretty simple.  Other than a few exceptions, if you check on what the upcoming race is going to be, either slalom or GS, you'll find that will be the focus for practices that week.  

Have everything ready, it will be snowing and the guns will be blowing before we know.  Time flies quickly so use some time now to get your hill bag packed.  Do a dry run in your living room.  Have your skis, poles, helmet, etc., put them on (not the skis) and pretend you're getting ready to go out onto the slopes.  As you remove an item, if it fits and is okay, put it in your hill bag so you don't end up with one glove, no goggles, or with your boots sitting in your bedroom.

See you soon!