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Your Festival Volunteer shirt will identify you as someone in the know. Please be as friendly and as helpful as you can be to our participants and spectators. You can direct people to one of our Dragonheart team members who are identified by their red Dragonheart team shirts. There are numerous Information Boards throughout the Park that display the race schedule, race results, festival schedule, entertainment schedule, and more. Direct people to those Boards for more information. For more detailed information, send people to one of our two Information Tables. One is located at the Volunteer/Information Tent, the other in the Athletes' Village tent.

You may be asked questions like:

Where are the bathrooms?

The trailers located in the northern portion of the park nearest the Skateboard Board are the portable toilets and washrooms.

Where will the entertainment be?

There will be entertainment all around Waterfront Park throughout the day. For the most up-to-date information check the Information Boards. Don’t forget there are races starting every 4minutes all day long.

Where can I get a festival T-shirt?

We have a tent called DragonMart where we sell festival tees, water bottles, and much more. Send them to DragonMart.

Where is the Lost and Found?

Located with the Athletes' Village tent where Penni Cross and Linda Rhoads are located. 

Where can I get a schedule of events?

There are numerous Information Boards around Waterfront Park, or ask at one of the Information Tables. You'll find them in the Volunteer/Information Tent and in the Athletes' Village tent.

Where can I get something to eat?

We have many food vendors serving all kinds of food and drinks right in Waterfront Park.

Where should I put my trash?

We are making a big effort to recycle and keep the Park clean. Please direct people to the cans located in the center of Waterfront Park near the food vendors for disposal

What is the Flower Ceremony?

In the world of modern day dragon boating, a wonderful tradition has developed. Not only does the sport embrace groups like breast cancer survivors, it allows for a way to honor the survivors and those that have died from the disease with a special on-the-water flower ceremony.

When is the Flower Ceremony?

The Flower Ceremony takes place after all the community teams have completed their first heat. The schedule varies a bit from year to year, but the Flower Ceremony will be around 11:30 am - check this year's schedule to be sure.

When is the Award Ceremony?

The Awards Ceremony should be about 3:00 pm.

In Case of an Emergency

Please look around for a Dragonheart member in their red uniform shirts or an emergency aid person. The EMTs and Burlington Fire Department will have their vehicles in the parking lot at the community boat launch.  We have Burlington Police walking the Park on onsite in their vehicle near the boat ramp.


  1. Stay calm.
  2. Summon the nearest Volunteer, Staff, or Dragonheart member with a radio.  They will immediately contact dispatch for help.

Enjoy Yourself

Take in the joy of the day. The energy, the smiles, and the laughter are contagious. Feel proud that you make a difference by giving your time to this community event. We sure are proud of you. Thank you.