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The Dragon Derby returns for 2017!

All of our Sunday races will take place on a 200-meter course. The races will be quick; around a minute long depending on the team.  Every team will have a minimum of 2 races.  Races will start every 4 to 5 minutes so it will be fast and furious. See this year's Race Schedule.


Here’s how it will work:


Round 1 - Race the Clock

Teams will race two at a time, but in Round 1 the teams will really be racing the clock.  It is important to post your best time, because we’ll use the results of Round 1 to seed the teams for the remainder of the Tournament.  The fastest 8 teams will in Round 1 will be our Division A, the next fastest 8 teams will be Division B, and so on.

Round 2 - Head to Head Racing

The top 32 teams (Divisions A through D) will compete in a single elimination tournament—think March Madness in August!  Teams face off in a head to head race.  Winner advances.  Loser goes home (or heads to the Woodchuck Cider Tent!).

The bottom 32 teams (Divisions E through H) have a more difficult challenge.  The team that posts the best Division time in the Second Round WINS the GOLD medal.  The team that posts the second best Division time in the Second Round wins the SILVER medal.  This race is for the BLING.

Round 3 - The Semi-Finals

The four winners in the second round Division Races (Division A-D) advance to the Finals (the medal round!).  The four losers retreat to the Woodchuck Cider Tent.

Round 4 - THE FINALS!  Fire up Your Dragons

The two semi-final winners in each division face off for their Division Trophy. Gold medals for the winners and Silver for the runners-up!  Don’t miss a moment of this high-octane excitement.  Check the starting times for each round of the competition on the Festival Race Schedule.


                            Wind and Waves Winners