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Practice Weekend: July 22 and 23, 2017

The schedule below represents the choices made for a practice time for each team.  Captains and Team Members please make every effort to make your practice time as there is no practice make-up scheduled.  If there are empty slots the Captain can change the team's practice time by logging in to your team area (Sign In, top right of any page) and choosing a different time.


Sign up for your practice slot here:             


Keep an eye on the Festival's Facebook page -- if the weather is borderline, we'll be posting updates there.

Practice Weekend FAQs


Team Check In 

Gather all members of your team 20 minutes prior to your practice time to make sure you get the most out of your practice time:

  • Go to the registration table to let us know you are all present and accounted for
  • Turn in the donations that you have raised so far
  • Meet your Dragonheart mentors
  • Leave your car keys and other valuables with your Dragonheart host
  • Pick up your paddles and personal flotation devices
  • Be ready to have a great time learning how to paddle
  • Get as much time in the boat and on the water as possible.  This is the really fun part, so maximize it by being 20 minutes early


Donation Drop Off

Bring Your Donations

If you have donations to turn in on Practice Weekend, please bring them to the Registration table.  Please put all of your donations in one envelope, and be sure to write your name and your team name on that envelope and on any checks you turn in, so we can be sure to credit them to the right team.

If your donors want written acknowledgments for their donations, be sure to provide us with a legible list of donors, their contact information, and the amounts of their donations.

Thank you for supporting our causes: Dragonheart Vermont and Survivorship NOW cancer wellness programs.


Practice Weekend Schedule:    

Sign up for your practice slot here: