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What happens on race day?

Watch the video to get an idea, then read all the information following and check out the items on the left hand menu to be fully informed.

About a week before the event, Captains will be emailed the race schedule. It will also be posted on the ridethedragon.org website.

Race Day Registration

All team members must go to Registration to sign the roster and receive their wristbands to be allowed to get on the boat.  Count on being at registration at least one hour before your team's first race. A Registration volunteer will assist the team with the process.  Be sure all members of your team sign the roster, including alternates and substitutes!  As each member signs the roster the volunteer will give them their wrist band.  Make sure they put it on!

Race Information

Festival Day

Race information will be posted on  boards around the park on Race Day. Captain and team members, your responsibility is to get your team organized and ready to line up for racing. Your team host will give you a paddling refresher course.


You will need to listen to the Athletes Village PA system all day for your call to marshal for your races. Teams marshal 30 minutes prior to their races.

  • First you'll assemble in the the tents alongside the bike path.
  • You'll then head to warm up. Yee-Haaa!
  • Next you get your equipment and line up on-deck in the tents by the Coast Guard.
  • Then it’s time to load the boats and get ready to race your hearts out!

Opening Round

Festival DayTeams will race three at time in the opening round. In this round, though, you're really racing the clock, because your time will determine what Division you end up in for the rest of the day.

After your first race, you'll have your official team photo taken. You'll have some time before your second race - enjoy our entertainment, DragonMart, Pick-Your-Prize raffle and great food!

Upon completion of the first round you will be placed in one of six divisions.  Listen and watch for your next race time.  You will be asked to marshal for your second race 30 minutes prior to racing.

Second and Third Rounds

Now you'll be in a division based on your first round time, so for the rest of the day you'll be competing against teams of similar ability. In the second round, the teams in each division race two at a time. The winners of those races move on to Round Three, where they'll again race two by two. The winners of the Round Three races move on to:

The Championship Round!


The two teams left in each Division now race head to head for their Division Trophy. The Winner of our A Division paddles away with the magnificent BlueCross BlueShield of Vermont Champ Cup Trophy!

Event Maps

Athlete's Village Site Map

Race Day Schedule

Race Schedule by Heat and Time
Entertainment Schedule
Festival Schedule

Lost & Found

We'll have Lost & Found collections at the Command Central location under the big tent next to Athlete's Village on the South side. Left something at the race site or in the village, claim it at Command Central. 

Spirit Awards2010_2.d.jonathanhart-0259

We hope you are all ready to show your spirit to the max on Sunday. Get ready to decorate your tent site, write your songs and chants, add a few dance steps, and wear those team T-shirts! We will be judging them all. Your time to perform your songs/chants and show off your spirit will be when you have your photos taken after your first race. 

Spirit Awards winners will be announced around noon.

If you have an extra T-shirt to donate to Dragonheart, we will be hanging them on a clothes line for everyone to see. We want everyone to enjoy the day and show Vermont the true spirit of dragon boating! Don't be shy! Let your spirit soar!

Dragonheart will be awarding prizes to the best community teams in the following categories:

  1. Best Team Song/Cheer (Dance moves totally count!)
  2. Best Team Costume/T- Shirt 
  3. Best Team Name
  4. Best Team Campsite
  5. Best Drummer's Costume

Got spirit? Show it and you may be going home with a prize.