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Bring Home a Trophy!



You can be in the Winners’ Circle! With a little grit, determination, teamwork and great costumes, your team will bring home some really cool awards! We have many chances to win shiny trophies all day long.



How the Races are Staged and the Winners Determined

2010_2_a-iv_5_JH_274The Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival races are 200 meter sprints that last between one minute and one and a half minutes depending on team skills and water conditions. Each team will compete in at least 2 heats.

The first heat of the day you will be racing strictly for time. Teams will be seeded into 8 divisions based on their first round times. The fastest 8 teams will be Division A, the next fastest 8 teams will be Division B, and so on.

The top 32 teams (Divisions A-D) will race off in a single elimination tournament in head to head competition.  Winner advances.  Loser goes home (or stays around to enjoy the fun!).  The four winners in the second round compete in the semi-finals.  The two teams left standing in each division race in the Finals.

The bottom 32 teams after the First Round (Divisions E-H) race off for the bling in the Second Round.  The team with the best time in the second round in each division wins the GOLD.  The team with the second best time in each division wins the SILVER.

Eight Divisions.  Eight Gold Medal winning teams.  Eight Silver Medal runner-ups. 


Racing isn't the only way to win, though! You can also vie for our Spirit Awards, or you could be this year's top fund-raising team - see how your team is faring on our Donation Leaderboard!