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Spirit Award Winners 2016:   

                                                                                                        1st                                   2nd

Best Team Tent Site:                        Cardiac Cruisers    Burlington Labs Urinators


Best Team T-Shirt/Costume:  Villainous Vixens.   Oh the Waves UVM Will Paddle


Best Team Song/Cheer:              The Fanny Pack      Windows & Oars By Brownell     


Best Team Name:                                SNOWSTORM          Vermont Systems Blazing Paddles


                                                                                                     1st                                     2nd                                 3rd

Best Drummer's Costume:        Burlington Rugby      Carpe Debra         Monty's Crue

                                                                                     Ruck 'N Rowers.


Spirit Awards (the really fun part!)


We’ve got spirit, yes we do, we’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you?!

Every year at the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival, we give prizes to participating teams for their show of SPIRIT. The whole reason to have this festival is to have fun and raise money for a very good cause. How better to do that then to have a lot of SPIRIT?

Our amazing Spirit Award judges will be at the Photo Booth, where they will decide on the the top three teams for Best T-Shirt/Uniform and Best Song/Cheer. Spirit judges will also be walking around Athletes' Village to determine the top three teams for Best Team Name and Best Team Campsite.

We encourage your teams to participate and show your SPIRIT MAXIMA!

So join the fun and let your SPIRIT SOAR! (See below for logistics about your performances.) Between now and festival day, we encourage you all to get busy and write those special words, design those fantastic t-shirts, sew those banners, and plan those campsite decorations!

If your team chooses to design a t-shirt, consider printing one extra shirt to donate to Dragonheart Vermont. Drop t-shirts off at the Athletes' Village Tent. We plan to make banners of all the t-shirts we receive and display them at future festivals.

Back by popular demand, the Spirit Photo Booth will once again be available just outside the Athletes' Village tent. This is the spot to perform your Spirit routines, show off your awesome t-shirts and sing your songs throughout the day. We'll be taking official team photos of each team when they come off the water after their first race.  Later in the day, the Photo Booth will be available for teams to take their own photos or videos!

So come on along and let your SPIRIT SHINE! If you have any questions or need more encouragement to REALLY get involved, please contact us.

Paddles up! Smiles On!  

Spirit 1     Spirit 2     Spirit 3

Spirit Award Judging Logistics for Community Teams:

1)     Judging of songs, cheers, chants and shirts will take place at the Photo Booth during the first heat of racing. You'll head there directly after your first race.

2)   You can have a team alternate meet you at the Photo Booth with any additional props or costume pieces you need,

3)   The Spirit Judges will watch as you have your team photo taken and perform your song or cheer.  Knowing our judges, they won't just be evaluating your team, they'll be cheering you on!

Spirit Award Presentation

Presentation of Spirit Awards will be made just before the start of the second round of racing.