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Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival Artists


Each year, Dragonheart Vermont reaches out to our talented Vermont artists to commission a special work of art that embodies the energy and enthusiasm of our Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival. We sell these beautiful works of art as cards and posters at our DragonMart on Festival Day. Stop by and pick up a copy for yourself.


2016 Artist 

Tracey Campbell Pearson, a beloved Vermont children's book author and illustrator, is our 2016 honored artist to provide here perspective on the Burlington Waterfront. While attending Parsons School of Design, she studied with Maurice Sendak and discovered her love for creating children's books. Tracey wrote and illustrated her first children's book in 1981 and has over two dozen beloved children's book to date. She believes an important part of what makes Vermont a special place to live is the level of involvement and commitment Vermonters give to their communities. Over the years Tracey has tried to do her share, by bringing art to Vermont children through workshops and art events; and developing programs for art education, reading and writing at our local community center and local libraries.  We thank Tracey for giving to our community event with this whimsical work of art. http://www.traceycampbellpearson.com/


2015 Carolyn Subin & Irene Farrar

Carolyn Subin is a breast cancer survivor who shares her passion for watercolor painting with survivors and their supporters at Survivorship NOW cancer wellness program. Since her move to Vermont four years ago, Carolyn’s landscapes have been included in art shows in the Jericho Town Hall, The Deborah Rawson Library, and the Gruppe Gallery in Jericho. She is a psychotherapist with a practice in Burlington.

Irene Farrar is a graphic designer and jewelry artist as well as a breast cancer survivor and avid member of Dragonheart Vermont. She is the mother of two grown daughters and lives in Richmond with her husband, two dogs and eight koi fish.


2014 Linda Di Sante

Linda Di Sante reconnected to the art world after many years of traveling internationally and living in Hawaii, Indonesia, Nepal, and Canada, moving to Vermont in 1999.  Essentially self-taught with the help of creative friends along the way, Linda's artistic style is inspired by her exposure to the natural wonders of the world. She is drawn to the flow of watercolor but also employs graphite, charcoal and pen and ink as her vehicles of expression.

Linda has exhibited her work throughout Vermont including The Bennington Center for the Arts, Bryan Memorial Gallery, and many other galleries.  Linda's piece for the 2014 Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival is abstract in composition and is vibrant in color and style.  Please go to www.facebook.com/lindadisanteart to view more of Linda's works and shows.


2013 Kevin Ruelle

Kevin Ruelle resides in Burlington, Vermont.  Kevin has had a design and Illustration business in Burlington for 25 years.  He is well-versed in the use of watercolor, oils, charcoal, digital and mixed mediums.  Kevin has also been a technical illustrator for book covers, book illustrations, packaging art, architectural renderings, illustrated maps, cartooning and decorative art.  One of Kevin's special styles of work is creating faux vintage travel posters using airbrush and watercolor style from the Art Deco era.  Kevin created a moving piece of the Dragon Boats racing right towards the viewer for our 2013 Festival.   Kevin Ruelle's website: www.ruellefineart.com.


2012 Annelein Beukenkamp -

Annelein Beukenkamp is an award-winning watercolorist and signature member of the Vermont Watercolor Society, who has always enjoyed art and the creative process.  Her childhood, which was spent in the Netherlands, inspired a true love and appreciation for flowers, many varieties of which are now depicted in her works.  In Annelein's words, "I work from life, still life set-ups, photographs and reference materials to compose my paintings.  I work with artist quality materials, including pigments, brushes and papers.  My technique is very loose and fluid, letting pigments mix and mingle on the bright white paper to achieve a very spontaneous yet controlled outcome."  Annelein's approach to the 2012 piece for the Festival made for a very interesting view of the dragon (which was the year of the Dragon that year) coming out of the corner of the piece first. Please see more about Annelein's work on website iswww.abwatercolors.com.

2011 Janet Fredericks -

A Vermont artist for over 20 years, Janet has her home and studio in Lincoln, Vermont.  Janet is a Vermont Council on the Arts and New England Foundation for the Arts Fellowship recipient.  Janet exhibits internationally and is in many corporate and private collections.  Janet was able to depict a scene for our Festival that was vibrant, colorful and fun.  Janet  captured the feeling of the event with people waving and cheering paddlers on toward their victories. Janet's sense of composition, color, and movement made this piece special to all those who were able to experience it for themselves.  Janet used watercolor to paint her piece for our 2011 Festival.  You can find more information about Janet and her work on her website: www.janetfredericksstudio.com.


2010 Kathleen Kolb -

Kathleen Kolb graduated with a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design.  Her work has been represented by David Findlay Galleries (2002-2010).  She is currently represented in NYC, as well as Stowe and Shelburne, Vermont.  Kathleen has been awarded many grants to work on a series of icebergs to draw attention to climate change.  Kathleen has also published her work in Freedom and Unity: A History of Vermont, by Michael Sherman.   Katharine has had her paintings included in published books in the past years.   Kathleen has a realistic view on her canvas and she is able to capture the beautiful golden sun as it sets across the bright spring landscape.  She was able to depict for our 2010 Festival a scene rich in color and realism.  Katharine captured a Dragon boat racing by with the mountains behind with a quiet feeling of realism. Kathleen is well known for her use of color theory, and uses it well.  Her compositions are full of design and life!  You can view more of Kathleen's work and shows on her website:www.kathleenkolb.com.


2008 & 2009 Katharine Montstream -

Katharine Montstream is a landscape painter who lives in Burlington, Vermont. Katherine's work has a wide appeal.  The fluid strokes and bright colors draw you into her work.  She excels in floral still life's, as well as landscapes.    Katherine is a vibrant person, enjoying the lake and her family, which are readily felt in her work.  

Katharine was Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival's first artist and generously gave of her spirit through her work of Lake Champlain with the Dragon Boats paddling by.   The first year that Katharine painted a piece for our Festival was a view from the lake to the city of Burlington.  The second year, 2009, Katharine depicted looking out from the city of Burlington, towards the Adirondacks, with a bright blue sky, the sun over the Adirondacks and Dragon Boats racing with the lighthouse to the side.  Please visit Katharine's website at www.kmmstudio.com.