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Read more about dragon boating and the corporate team-building experience.

What is a dragon boat?

Dragon boats can vary in size, but essentially they are long, narrow racing canoes. The standard racing dragon boat measures about 41-feet long. Twenty paddlers sit two-by-two. A steersperson stands in the rear of the boat and uses a long steering oar. A drummer sits on the front of the boat and beats out the cadence of the strokes.

What is the sport of dragon boating?

Dragon boating is a great team sport that has its roots in ancient China. In the last 25 years, dragon boating has been revitalized and its popularity has grown like wildfire. You may be surprised to learn that it is one of the fastest growing team sports in the world. There are more than 50 million people worldwide participating in dragon boating each year. Teams and competitions are currently found in over 57 nations.

Can anyone paddle a dragon boat?

Almost anyone can participate. Dragon boating is one of the most inclusive sports around. There are premier teams, community teams, corporate teams, breast cancer survivor teams, blind teams, paraplegic teams, youth teams, senior teams, gay teams, women’s teams, men’s teams, co-ed teams, and more. Can you think of another sport that embraces so many levels of athletes?

Do I need to be an athlete to dragon boat?

No, this sport can work for people of all ages and fitness levels. What sport do you know of where you can put people of different sizes and strength levels together and they learn to function as a team?  No one person shines. The team must function as a whole in order to move the boat smoothly and quickly.

How come I have never heard of dragon boating?

Dragon boating has been slow coming to the United States, but it is spreading fast these days. In North America, the Canadians took hold of the sport in the 1990s, and now almost every city that has a body of water has dragon boat teams. The Canadians excel in this sport and have won top honors in recent world championships.

How can a dragon boat experience enhance your corporate experience?

Both strive to be inclusive, collaborative, organized, communicative, synchronized, productive, and committed. Taking part in a dragon boating session can build a sense of team and camaraderie. It can bridge gaps between staff and managers as well as different departments. Paddling together can be that great equalizer. Working together is the key to success in business and in dragon boating.

What will my co-workers get from a dragon boating session?

The experience will foster a strong sense of unity and a renewed common purpose. It will inspire cooperation and communication. Those that are team players will be evident. Best of all, everyone will come away energized, enthusiastic, and proud.

Where will the dragon boating take place?

We will be paddling inside the breakwater on the Burlington Waterfront, launching from the Community Boat Launch in front of the Coast Guard Building. The address is 1 Lake Street, Burlington, VT  05401.

What do I need for practice?

Dragon boating is a water sport so wear something that you don’t mind getting wet! That goes for shoes as well.  Flip-flops, Keens, or Crocs seem to be the water shoe of choice. Unless you want to feel like a lead weight, avoid 100% cotton fabrics. Choose fabrics that wick, breathe, and best of all, dry quickly. You’ve got to be prepared for the splish splash of the first strokes. Wear sun block to protect your skin. Bring a bottle of water because you will be getting thirsty as you’re splishing and splashing. Dragonheart will provide the boats, paddles, life jackets, and coaches.