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  • What:  St Martin de Porres 11 th Annual CYO Basketball Tournament


  • Divisions:

B4:  4th Grade Boys 
B5:  5th Grade Boys 
B6:  6th Grade Boys 
B7:  7th Grade Boys 
B8:  8th Grade Boys 
G56:  5th-6th Grade Girls 
G78:  7th-8th Grade Girls


  • Teams: CYO County Travel Teams Only - Archdiocesan CYO Roster Forms of participating teams must be submitted.


  • When and Where:   See Courts tab for directions


Oakwood Friends School 12/8, 12/9, 12/15, 12/16 Round Robin Games:  All Divisions
St. Martin de Porres 12/8 Round Robin Games:  B4, B5, B6, Girls
Todd Middle School 12/8 Round Robin Games:  All Divisions
The Culinary Institute of America 12/8, 12/9 Round Robin Games:  B7, B8, G78
Vassar College - Athletic & Fitness Center 12/15 Round Robin Games:  All Divisions
Vassar College - Walker Fields House 12/15 Round Robin Games:  All Divisions
Vassar College - Athletic & Fitness Center 1/6 Final Four Games:  B7, B8
Marist College - McCann Arena 1/4, 1/5, 1/6 Final Four Games:  B4, B5, B6, Girls



  • Format:
    • Maximum of 12 teams in each of seven divisions, 84 teams in total
    • 126 Round Robin games plus 21 Final Four and Championship games
    • 3 pools of 4 teams for all divisions
    • Each team plays three round-robin games in their pool 
    • Pool winners plus wildcard will advance from each division.
    • Teams advancing to Marist or Vassar will play a 4th (division semi-final) and if they win, a 5th game (division championship)​


  • Tie-Breakers:
    1.  Head-to-head (applied first in subsequent tie-breakers too)
    2.  Total point differential for three games (maximum + or - 15 points for each game).
    3.  Fewest points allowed in all three games. 


  • Rules:

    Modified Dutchess County CYO basketball rules will be used for all games:

  • All players must play at least one continuous quarter. The only exception occurs when there is an unequal number of players between the two teams.  In this case, the number of players that must play one continuous quarter for both teams equals the number of players on the team with the fewest players.
  • Each quarter will be 6 minutes. Overtime periods, if required, will be 3 minutes.
  • Each team will be permitted four 45-second time-outs. One additional time-out will be given for each overtime period. Any unused time-outs can be carried over to the overtime(s).
  • Halftime will be 5 minutes.
  • In the 5th / 6th grade girls and 5th grade boys divisions, free throws will be attempted 12 feet from the basket instead of the regulation 15 feet. In these divisions, the bottom boxes of the key will be filled when shooting free throws.
  • Players may step in on the release of the foul shot in ALL divisions.
  • Bonus situation begins with the 7th team foul in which the team will shoot “one and one”.  The “double bonus” will begin on the 10th team foul.
  • New York State Boys High School basketball 10-second backcourt rules will be used
  • New York State Boys High School basketball free throw rules will be used. 
  • New York State Boys High School basketball closely guarded rules will be used.
  • There is no full court pressure allowed if a team that is ahead by 15 or more points.
  • All players participating must be on the official CYO roster for that particular team.


    Exception to the Modified Dutchess County CYO Basketball Rules:

  • 3-pointers will be counted at all locations except the Walker Field House.
  • A 35-second shot clock will be used in the final four and championship games.


  • Participation Awards:

    Tournament T-shirts for all participants. 
    Tournament programs for all participants. 
    Trophies for 1st and 2nd Place teams. 
    Team Trophy for 1st Place.


  • Concessions:  Coordinated by Dorota Fields


  • Entry Fee:  $175 per team.  Please make checks payable to St. Martin CYO Basketball and mail to Chris Fields, 79 Alda Drive, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603.  


  • Registration:

    Please e-mail   with the teams from your program that would like to participate.​​



A Huge Thanks to the Sponsors of Our 10th Annual Tournament!

Platinum Sponsors:  Marist College ♦ Rose & Kiernan, Inc. ♦ Smoothie King

Gold Sponsors:  CBHV ♦ Echem Consultants, LLC ♦ Hudson Valley Knights of Columbus ♦ Timothy P. Dolye Funeral Home ♦ Wells Fargo Advisors LLC ♦ William A. Smith & Son Insurance ♦ William G. Miller and Son Funderal Home  

Silver Sponsors:  Anaconda Sports ♦ DJM Property Management ♦ Dr. Daren Garb, MD and Dr. Christie Garb, MD ♦ Dutchess 3D Imaging ♦ Dutchess Dodge ♦ Handel & Carlini LLP ♦ Hudson Valley Knights ♦ IM Possible ♦ Mercedes Benz ♦ Merrill Lynch ♦ Morris Associates Engineering & Surveying Consultants ♦ New York Life ♦ Premier Medical Group ♦ Quackles ♦ Siegrist Construction ♦ Signal Graphics ♦ Sports Journal Photo  

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