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PSTS Paddling Challenge


Again this year at the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival will be the PSTS Paddling Challenge!  Festival racers and spectators can step up to try to get the fastest time in a 250-m sprint on a paddling ERG! The top male and female paddler with the fastest times will be crowned the PSTS Paddling Champions!

Date: Sunday August 6, 2017

Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival

Time:  9am to 3pm (approx.)

Where: Burlington’s Waterfront Park

Equipment: Concept2 Indoor Rower ad PSTS Paddling Adapter

Race Format:  Racers paddle for 250-m Concept2 ERG with PSTS Paddle Adapter and measure their time

Cost: $1 per raffle ticket to win a paddle adapter which benefits the Festival cause, the programs of Dragonheart VT and Camp Ta-Kum-Ta, cancer wellness programs

Winners: The woman and the man with the fastest time at the designated afternoon hour will be crowned the PSTS Paddling Challenge Champs.

**PLUS **Attention All Paddlers! Want to become a better paddler?

Learn how the Paddlesport Training Sport Adapter adders to the Concept2 Indoor rower can be your best training partner. Mark McAndrew will talk about the benefits of a workout using the PSTS Paddling Adapter with their Concept 2 ERG for dragon boaters, stand up paddle boarders, and fitness aficionados. Mark is a longtime Concept2 employee and marathon canoe racer as well as co-owner of Paddlesport Training Systems. Head over to the Paddlesport Training Sport tent at Waterfront Park to learn more.  10am; 12pm; and 2pm.