McLean Youth Track and Field provides Northern Virginia kids (ages 5 through middle school) with opportunities to learn about, compete in and develop a love for track and field.

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TUESDAY, APRIL 17th, 2018:
Good morning, MYTFers!
First, a quick note of thanks and a bit of awe for all of you who braved the weather on Sunday before it got out of hand and caused us to shut down.  We know the late afternoon group was disappointed, but trust us, it wasn't pretty out there!  So far, this Sunday's forecast looks MUCH better (although we're a bit afraid to say that out loud...), so hopefully we're on a warming (if still windy) trend - and dryer.
Now, two VERY important reminders for things coming up this week, and flyers for each are attached for your reference:
1.  Dinner at CAVA tomorrow night (Wed, 4/18) to raise funds for MYTF:  Please remember to make CAVA McLean (1445 Chain Bridge Rd) your choice for family dinner out tomorrow night!  From 6 pm to 10 pm (so, plenty of time to get there even after the late practices!), MYTF will be the beneficiary of the evening's proceeds.  Please remember to tell them you're with MYTF, and to thank them for their support of our program!
2.  MYTF gives back this Sunday, 4/22 - MYTF is a proud participant in Fairfax County's "Fairfax Athletes Stand Together (F.A.S.T.)" program, which matches local sports programs with communities in need.  We've been asked to support a local food pantry by having our families each bring a canned or boxed food item from the list below to this Sunday's Meets for collection.  Please know there is no obligation, but we highly encourage support of this program as the recipients of our support are our neighbors right here in Fairfax County.  If every one of our families brings at least one item, we can have a VERY big impact in just one day!  
Here's the list of needed items in case you want to pick one up on your next grocery trip:
  • Quinoa
  • Cereal
  • Oatmeal
  • Dry kidney beans
  • Dry black beans
  • Canned tuna
  • Canned chicken
  • Canola oil
  • Brown rice
  • Wild rice
  • Sugar
  • Honey
  • Flour
  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrushes
  • Diapers (Newborn and Size 1, specifically)
  • Toilet paper
Thank you all in advance for your generous support of the F.A.S.T. program, and we hope to see you all at CAVA tomorrow night!
The MYTF Team
FRIDAY, APRIL 13th, 2018:
Happy Friday, everyone!
LOTS to cover in advance of Sunday's Meets, so let's get to it:
First, we want to make sure everyone is aware of Sunday's forecast, which includes not only showers, but possible thunderstorms in the afternoon.  If the showers are intermittent and not too overwhelming, we will absolutely hold the Meet!  HOWEVER, if the rains become too driving or at the first sign of thunder or lightning, we will suspend or cancel the Meet.  We generally do NOT cancel based on forecasts alone - we all know how unreliable they can be around here - so PLEASE stay tuned to your RainedOut alerts*.  
(*If you haven't already signed up for RainedOut alerts, now would be an excellent time to do so!  Text the word TURBOJAV to 84483 to sign up for MYTF alerts.)
For safety reasons, everyone must leave the stadium and remain clear for at least 30 minutes following the last sign of thunder or lightning.  If we can suspend and resume, we will, but keep in mind our permit is for a limited time (we must conclude by 6:00 pm), and depending on when thunder begins and how long it lasts, we may not be able to continue.  We are also not able to reschedule Meets due to the lack of available facilities, so let's all cross our fingers for some good weather mojo!
TOP TEN OTHER THINGS TO KNOW FOR SUNDAY  (We warned you there was a LOT this week!)
1.  Since many have asked:  no, you may not come to the other Group's Meet if you are unable to make your own.  We know you're just one family, but if we let one of you do it, we have to let everyone do it, and pretty soon, we have everyone at a single Meet and have defeated the whole reason we divided in the first place.  PLEASE ONLY COME TO THE MEET ASSIGNED FOR YOUR GROUP.
2.  WATER ONLY on the turf field, please!  We saw that Gatorade bottle last week... 
3.  Speaking of water, please remember to bring LOTS of it, because the only onsite source for refilling your water bottles will be those rain showers!
4.   This week's race events will be the 100M, 400M, 1600M (Mile), and if time permits, the 200M (the first week, it is entirely possible we will not have time for the 4th event).  Please remember that while you are free to come and go as you need, we do race events by age & gender and we do *not* go back and re-do an age once it's been completed, so if you want to participate in a particular event, you kinda have to be there when it's called.  We can't predict exact start times, but we will run the races in the order listed above.  All three field events (Long Jump, Shot Pot, and Turbo/AeroJav) will be available as long as the rain permits (i.e., the Long Jump pit may be closed if the showers make the sand unusable), and are open to all ages throughout the Meet to be visited between race events as desired.
5.  We will be timing/measuring and recording results this week.  PLEEEEEEASE remember that ALL of our event leaders as well as our Head Timers are parent volunteers and mostly new to the gig, so be patient and understanding as they are learning!
6.  With the recorded results, we will issue ribbons* to all participants for all events.  EVERYONE gets a ribbon, but we do award places (1st through 6th, with Honorable Mention for 7th & higher).  (*Ribbons will be available for pickup at the NEXT Meet, and we'll explain that process in next week's email.)
7.  PARKING is a challenge on Sundays because there is a church that meets at the school in the late morning/early afternoon hours.  The 9:00 am and 3:30 pm Meet times should be okay, but the 11:00 am and 1:30 pm groups should keep in mind that spaces will be limited, and you may need to park on the other side of the school or along the street, so please be prepared.
8.  Did we mention that there is RAIN in the forecast?  Please remember to dress accordingly!  Hats with brims are VERY helpful on rainy days, and light, removable layers are always the best option, especially since it will be (thank goodness!) a LOT warmer than last week.
9.  Please remember your RACE BIB!  We provide the safety pins.
10.  And finally, if you didn't hear our big announcement last week (drumroll please):  our awesome sponsor/fundraising partner CHOPT McLean has offered that for the remainder of the season, the Group with the afternoon Meet each week can show their race bib for a FREE kid's salad on Sunday nights!  So, Red Group this week, rain or shine, remember to head to CHOPT (in the Total Wine shopping center on Chain Bridge Road) for dinner after the Meet on Sundaywith your kids' race bibs in hand.  (And yes, Chopt knows that this week is "Red".)
  • BLUE 5-8-year-olds:  9:00 am start
  • BLUE 9-14-year-olds:  11:00 am start
  • RED 5-8-year-olds:  1:30 pm start
  • RED 9-14-year-olds:  3:30 pm start
And not for this week specifically but just because: did you know MYTF now has a Twitter account?  Please follow us @McLeanYouthTF!  You can also follow McLean Youth Athletics (our parent organization) at @MYA_Athletics. 
We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!
The MYTF Team
MONDAY, APRIL 9, 2018:
Happy Monday, everyone!

Well, THAT was a cold start to the season!  But WOW, what an incredible turnout for such a frigid, blustery day:  more than 80 (well-bundled) runners showed up for the morning Orientation Meet (Red), and more than 100 for the afternoon Meet (Blue)!  We are so impressed with the fortitude of our MYTFers - and their parents!  :)

A couple quick updates for this week:
  • RED GROUP - NO PRACTICES ON THURSDAY:  This has been on the calendar on our website, but we want to call everyone's attention to the fact that due to a school event, we do NOT have access to the Cooper MS field this Thursday, 4/12.  After some internal discussion, our only real option is to cancel the Red Group practices for that day, because unfortunately, Churchill is just not big enough to handle everyone, especially with its limited parking.  Blue will go on as scheduled at Churchill.  We know that's not really fair, but it is entirely possible that we will have another such cancellation this season, in which case we'll be able to restore balance.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a makeup; it's not an ideal situation, but it's one of the hazards in a County with more sports than available facilities.
  • Lost & Found - it only took one day of Meets to completely fill up our Lost & Found bucket!  We've collected several jackets, and a goodly amount of water bottles and hanteens (but thank goodness you all labeled them!), so please be sure to drop by the Admin area at next Sunday's Meet to see if you may be the proud owner of any of the collected items.  (All unclaimed items will be brought each Sunday for the remainder of the season, so don't worry if you can't make it this week.)
  • PARENTS:  please remember that MYTF is NOT a drop-off sport.  If you attended yesterday's opening sessions, you heard us make the plea, but for those who couldn't make it and are new to the program:  yes, we know your 13-year-old has her own phone and can ride her bike everywhere else by herself, but here at MYTF, parental presence WITH transportation is a program requirement   We have had too many incidents arise during practices and Meets that a) necessitate the sudden cancellation of practice due to a weather or security emergency, or b) require an adult to attend to an injury or other personal emergency, and there are not nearly enough coaches to fit all 50+ kids who attend any given practice (or 150 who attend any given Meet) into their cars, or enough to spare a coach to tend to a single child's injury or issue.  And believe us:  if your family is doing it, so are others, so please don't count on the numbers working in your favor!  Carpools with friends and neighbors are absolutely welcome and encouraged, as long as your child knows who their designated adult is, but an ADULT withTRANSPORTATION MUST remain onsite at EVERY event - both practices and Meets.  Thank you for your cooperation with this important safety policy!
And with that, we'll close out with a quick recap of this week's practice schedules:
5-8s:  Tuesday and Thursday, 5:00 pmWednesday6:00 pm
9-14s:  Tuesday and Thursday6:00 pmWednesday5:00 pm 
5-8s:  Tuesday5:00 pmWednesday6:00 pm - NO THURSDAY PRACTICE THIS WEEK
9-14s:  Tuesday6:00 pmWednesday5:00 pm - NO THURSDAY PRACTICE THIS WEEK
Thank you all for a GREAT first week!
The MYTF Team
Happy Friday, everyone!
Below you will find everything you need to know for this Sunday's Orientation Meet, but first, three VERY important announcements:
  • ALL RUNNERS REPORT AT EITHER 9:00 am (Red) OR 1:30 pm (Blue).  The times listed in the newsletter are correct; the webpage was wrong.  We are sorry for that error, and it has been corrected, but there are NOT separate age division start times this week.  Please know that, as with all Meets, you may come and go as you need, and if you can't make it, it will be FINE - we promise it's not hard to catch on at the next Meet!
  • TONIGHT, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at RoadRunner Sports in Falls Church is the first MYTF fundraiser of the season!  PLEASE come support MYTF by seeing what RoadRunner has to offer, and partaking of the fun and festivities.  An event flyer with more info is attached.
  • We still need a BLUE Group Head Timer for 5-8-year-olds.  Please understand that we cannot record results and issue ribbons if we do not find someone to fill this role!  It's only for five Meets (Orientation is a learning time only, and we don't record results at Family Fun). No prior experience is required, so if you can make this important commitment, please let us know ASAP and plan to get some training and practice in during the Orientation Meet on Sunday.
It looks like the forecast of Saturday snow has now turned to overnight rain, so we are expecting to be ON for Sunday!   That said, it will be a cold Meet, so please remember to dress appropriately!  
Kids should wear:
  • Several light layers that can be added/removed as they get warm from running/colder as they rest between events.
  • A warm jacket for check-in and when we're doing the quick intro, and for when they're done - they will cool down quickly in 40-degree weather!
  • Sneakers (they don't have to be fancy running shoes, they just need to be rubber-soled sneakers; they may NOT be spikes, Crocs, boots, sandals, skate-shoes, or any other non-sneaker variants).
  • A hat, preferably a warm one that covers their ears (yes, even when they're running!  Especially if it's at all windy, ears quickly get VERY cold in the breeze of running!).
  • Gloves or mittens, because little fingers get cold even when you're running, and it's hard to run properly with your hands in your pockets! 
Adults:  Remember that you too will be outside for a few hours - warm jackets, hats, gloves, and a maybe a blanket for the bleachers (which are metal).  Of course, the very best way to keep warm is to come down and help with our many volunteer activities!  :)
Also bring:
  • water, in a REUSABLE (and LABELED!) water bottle - even in cold, they will get thirsty from running around, and there are NO water sources on site!
  • NO other liquids (or solids, for that matter) are allowed on the turf field inside the Track, so please keep hot liquids, juice, snacks, etc. in the stands with you.
That's it.  We provide everything else you need!
Rough schedule:
We can't give exact times because how long everything will take depends almost entirely on turnout.  But in short, you will check-in when you arrive to get race bibs and other goodies; we will have a BRIEF intro (we'll be cold too, so we promise to keep it short!); we'll do a 15-minute warmup; and then we'll launch into the day's events.  While we are still determining the exact approach given the weather and potential turnout, what we can say is that the Orientation Meet is designed to give everyone a chance to get familiar with how Meets operate, so if you're new to the sport, this will help familiarize you in a very low-pressure way.  
We do NOT record results, we just give kids a chance to circulate around the various event areas, and introduce different aspects of the Track & Field Meet through active participation.  We also give adult volunteers a chance to see the different ways they can help, and especially for our Head Timers, this is a chance to practice their craft before we do begin recording results next Sunday.
Rules at the Track:
  • ALL CHILDREN MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT FOR THE ENTIRE MEET.  MYTF is not a drop-off sport!  There are not nearly enough coaches to have eyes on all the kids, and we are far too spread out to take any chances, so PLEASE remember that you (or another designated adult WITH transportation) must remain onsite at ALL MYTF events.
  • NO pets - FCPS' rule (but a good one), and violations can cost us our permit, so please leave Fido & Fluffy at home.
  • Spectators must stay outside the Track fence - it quickly gets chaotic with so many people on the field, so if you are not an active running or a volunteering parent, you MUST watch from outside the fence (the Track fence, not the stadium fence - we're organized, not mean!).
  • At MYTF, we cheer for everyone - you may absolutely cheer for children by name, but we never cheer against anyone (it's "Yay, Joe!" not "beat that kid next to you!")and we cheer loudest for the runner who's coming in last, because they need it the most.
Weather Changes/RainedOut Alerts:
In the event that snow does, in fact, materialize and we have to change the plan, PLEASE sign up for RainedOut text alerts as that will be our first and fastest mode of communication.  To sign up, simply text the word TURBOJAV to 84483; you will receive a confirmation text within a minute or so.  Signing up with "Turbojav" will only sign you up for MYTF alerts.  And please know that we generally do NOT cancel Meets due to rain!  (Snow/ice, excessively high winds, lightning/thunder, or driving, pouring rains will cause a cancellation, but light/intermittent rain is a very runnable condition!)
So with the, we'll see you all on Sunday!!  *fingers crossed*
The MYTF Team 
Welcome back from Spring Break!
Today's email will focus on practices, inclement weather, our first fundraiser activity, and a critical volunteer need (Head Timer - Blue 5-8s), plus our seasonal newsletter!  A follow-up Friday email will have a little more info about Sunday's Meet (Fridays will be our usual "weekly email" day).  Read on to find out what you need to know to get the season started tomorrow!
Most of what's below (and some other good stuff) is captured in our seasonal newsletter.  The best feature this season?  A Blue/Red Schedule page that can be printed/folded and hung on the fridge!  We will have some printed copies at practices this week and at Sunday's Meet for those who still like the feel of paper (or who don't have printers at home), but please feel free to visit our website's front page for a link to the .pdf.
 Friday Fundraiser at RoadRunner Sports - 6-8 pm
Please help support MYTF this season by doing your running gear shopping this Friday, April 6th, 6-8 pm at RoadRunner Sports in Falls Church!  MYTF will get a portion of the proceeds of any sales, and YOU will get an exclusive MYTF discount by shopping during this event!  Free pizza and drinks will be provided, and some cool games and prizes will be included if we can get a good turnout.  (Reminder:  MYTF does not require any special equipment for participation in our program; regular sneakers are fine!)  An event flyer is attached with more info, and coaches will remind everyone at practices this week.
NEED:  Head Timer, Blue Group, Ages 5-8
We now have three of the four Head Timers that we need on board, but we need one more!  Our Blue Group youngers (ages 5-8) need a committed volunteer who can attend all (or most) Sunday Meets and serve as the Head Timer.  This is a critical role for being able to record results and issue ribbons, and we promise it's not that hard to learn!  Please email us here at   if you can serve in this vital role.
Well, tomorrow may be optimistic for a season kickoff, based on the current forecast!  Unfortunately, both practice locations we use have tracks around grass fields, and we use the fields as much as the tracks.  MYTF is responsible for any damage that results from our use of those fields, so (like most sports) we typically don't practice if the fields are too wet.  We let you know as soon as possible if a practice needs to be canceled, but we also try to give the weather and fields as much chance as possible to cooperate, so (like most sports) the time of decision is usually around 3:00 pm.
PLEASE sign up for RainedOut text alerts, which is our primary and fastest method of communicating urgent changes!  We will also send an email and update the website, but those often come later when someone is available at a computer; we can send RainedOut alerts from our phones while still at the field making a determination, so that will be our first notice.  To sign up for RainedOut, text the word TURBOJAV to 84483.  You will only receive MYTF updates.  (Text and data charges by your carrier may apply.)
Practice Info
And finally:  if we do get to practice this week, here's the lowdown on who's where and what's what:
1.  Practices are offered and encouraged, but never mandatory.  If you can attend, great!  If you can't make it, great!  We'll see you at the next one, or on Sunday.  There is no expectation that kids will attend every practice session.
2.  The only hard and fast rules we have for practices are:
a.  you MUST attend practices ONLY for your Group (Blue or Red);
b.  you MUST attend practices ONLY for your age division (5-8 or 9-14); and
c.  you MUST be accompanied by a designated adult WITH transportation.  
MYTF is not a drop-off sport.  It will quickly become apparent why when you see the ratio of kids to coaches, but it is an imperative that kids have an adult who can take them to the port-a-potty, attend to injuries or personal issue, and most importantly, get them safely off the property in the event of sudden inclement weather or safety issues.  We absolutely encourage carpooling if you have friends or neighbors in the program, as long as each child knows who their designated adult is.
3.  What to bring:  WATER (there is NO source onsite!) in a REUSABLE water bottle (we don't like to make a mess!); running-appropriate shoes (i.e., sneakers - no clogs, Crocs, skate-shoes, sandals, flip-flops, boots, etc.); and weather-appropriate clothing - light layers are recommended. 
--> BLUE:  Cooper Middle School (all week): 5-8s T-Th at 5 pm, and W at 6; 9-14s T-Th at 6 pm, and W at 5.
--> RED:  Churchill Elementary School (all week):  5-8s T-Th at 5 pm, and W at 6; 9-14s T-Th at 6 pm, and W at 5.
Meet - Quickly
Yes, we will have the Meet this Sunday even though it may be sub-40 temps.  (YIKES!)  Dress in light, warm layers, and know that we plan to keep you moving!  (Yes, you too parents - we will need LOTS of volunteer assistance!)  More details on Friday...
We are SOOOOO looking forward to meeting everyone this week!
Coach Adam, Coach Mike, & the MYTF Team

All-MYTF Email, March 21st, 2018:

Happy 2nd Day of Spring!  (It is Spring, right??)

Hard to believe on a day like this, but MYTF’s season gets underway in just under TWO short weeks!  As such, we wanted to touch base with a few key dates & reminders.  More information about our Orientation Meet will follow in an email next week, but this will help you plan for our first week of practices, and some other important items:

Tuesday, April 3rd – MYTF practices get underway!

Assuming the snow has melted and the tracks & fields are open:

  • BLUE practices at Cooper MS, Apr 3-5
  • RED practices at Churchill ES, Apr 3-5

We will swap locations the following week (and alternate each week thereafter).  Please see the Schedule page of our website ( for specifics, including the practice times for each age division each day.

Friday, April 6th 6-8 pm – MYTF Night at RoadRunner Sports in Falls Church

While we do NOT require any specific equipment for MYTF other than shoes appropriate for running (plain ol’ sneakers are fine for this!), we know that many of you like to have gear designed specifically for the task.  Whether you’re an older MYTFer who no longer outgrows shoes in the span of an MYTF season, a parent who runs for exercise or sport, or just a super-stylish 5-year-old, if you are interested in good running shoes and other gear, please drop in RoadRunner during MYTF night.  We get a portion of the proceeds from any sales, and you get an exclusive MYTF discount!  (For those less inspired by running gear than, say, free food, rumor has it pizza and drinks will be served…)  Please see the attached flyer, and plan to join us on Friday at our first official MYTF fundraiser!

Sunday, April 8th – MYTF Orientation Meets

We officially kick off the season beginning with the RED Group at 9:00 am.  BLUE will follow beginning at 1:30 pm.  For the Orientation Meet, ALL runners report at the same time for their respective Group (we will split by age divisions for the next five Meets).  All Meets this season will be held at FallsChurch High School.  

So:       - ALL RED Group members – 9:00 am at FCHS

            - ALL BLUE Group members – 1:30 pm at FCHS

More Meet details to come, but we do want to remind you as you begin planning for that day that we do require everyone to attend ONLY their assigned Group’s events (this goes for practices too).  We divided for a reason, and if we make one exception we have to make them all; pretty soon, we have everybody in the afternoon group and we can’t get the Meet done in time.  We know that means some folks will miss the first Meet (or others during the season) – we promise you will catch right up at the next Meet, and that you will get your $60 worth out of the season overall.

We have SO much more to share, but we know you won't read it all at once, so stay tuned for the next update, and remember that shoveling is an excellent pre-season workout for cooped up MYTFers home from school!

The MYTF Team

P.S.  If your family has NOT received your family's Group assignment by way of getting a welcome message for a separate Google Group that is either RED or BLUE, please notify us ASAP.


Fall 2017

The Fall 2017 Season Newsletter is now available!  We will have print copies available at practices and Meets that you can hang on the fridge, but please feel free to peruse this advance copy in .pdf.  A special thank you to Island Children's Dentistry and Adaptable Minds for their newsletter sponsorship! Fall 2017 Orientation Flyer v2.pdf

Spring 2017

Our Spring 2017 Season Newsletter is also available, for those who would like to get a sense of our program.