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Pictures and uniform pickup will be at the Ross A. Lurgio cafeteria.  Please arrive prior to your schedule picture time as listed below to pick up your uniform and meet your coach.  Enter the facility through the Lurgio gymnasium doors.  If you are not famiilar with the campus here is a BHS/RAL CAMPUS MAP.  Enter through the doors circled in blue.

As a courtesy to our sponsors we do ask that every player be present for their team picture.

PICTURE FACILITY Game Facility Team Opponent
7:45 AM RAL 8:30 AM PWS >3rd/4th Grade Girls>The Medical Eye Center - Basbas >3rd/4th Grade Girls>Carlsen Systems - Olsen
8:00 AM RAL 9:00 AM MIS   >7th/8th Grade Girls>Orr & Reno - Burke
8:15 AM RAL 9:00 AM MEM >1st/2nd Grade Girls>Orr & Reno - Fisher >1st/2nd Grade Girls>LAER-Beauchemin RE - Casey
8:30 AM RAL 9:30 AM PWS >3rd/4th Grade Girls>Elliott Orthodontics - Putney >3rd/4th Grade Girls>Bedford Friends of Rec - Small
8:45 AM RAL 9:30 AM RAL >5th/6th Grade Boys>Medical Eye Center - Woloski >5th/6th Grade Boys>LAER-Beauchemin RE - Fairfield
9:00 AM RAL 10:00 AM MIS 78G Travel Girls - Shaheen >7th/8th Grade Girls>Cohen Investment - Tynan
9:15 AM RAL 10:00 AM MEM >1st/2nd Grade Girls>Source1AV - Olsen >1st/2nd Grade Girls>RJG Universal Builders - Gilbert
9:30 AM RAL 10:30 AM PWS >3rd/4th Grade Girls>Bernstein & Mello Law - Wallat >3rd/4th Grade Girls>LAER-Beauchemin RE - Linehan
9:45 AM RAL 12:30 PM JMUES   >7th/8th Grade Girls>MEGA-X - Krueger
10:00 AM RAL 10:30 AM RAL >5th/6th Grade Boys>Bedford Natural Med - Parshay >5th/6th Grade Boys>Hannaford - Thompson
10:15 AM RAL 11:00 AM MIS >5th/6th Grade Girls>Bedford Friends of Rec- Alderton >5th/6th Grade Girls>Bedford Home Consign - Ciruso
10:30 AM RAL 11:00 AM MEM >1st/2nd Grade Girls>NE Planning Associates - Reese >1st/2nd Grade Girls>Dental Arts of Salem - Hyatt
10:45 AM RAL 11:30 AM PWS >3rd/4th Grade Boys>Learning Adventures - Chmielecki >3rd/4th Grade Boys>TFMoran Inc - Masse
11:00 AM RAL 11:30 AM RAL >5th/6th Grade Boys>Adv Injury Treatment - Hensley >5th/6th Grade Boys>Bay Street Family Dental - Kelly
11:15 AM RAL 12:00 PM MIS >5th/6th Grade Girls>LAER-Beauchemin RE - Medeiros >5th/6th Grade Girls>Mountain View Prov - Sarsfield
11:30 AM RAL 12:00 PM MEM >1st/2nd Grade Boys>Chick-fil-A - Burnett >1st/2nd Grade Boys>Amoskeag Urgent Dental - Monroe
11:45 AM RAL 12:30 PM PWS >3rd/4th Grade Boys>LAER-Beauchemin RE - Leland >3rd/4th Grade Boys>NH Eye Associates - McGhee
12:00 PM RAL 12:30 PM RAL >5th/6th Grade Boys>Dovetail Dental Asso - Jung >5th/6th Grade Boys>Mavericks - Odonnell
12:15 PM RAL 1:00 PM MIS >5th/6th Grade Girls>NH Eye Associates - Lachance >5th/6th Grade Girls>Silvia Homes - Laird
12:30 PM RAL 1:00 PM MEM >1st/2nd Grade Boys>Cohen Investment Adv - Murphy >1st/2nd Grade Boys>Skillings and Sons - Hare
12:45 PM RAL 1:30 PM PWS >3rd/4th Grade Boys>Amoskeag Urgent Dental- Gaudreau >3rd/4th Grade Boys>Cohen Investment Adv - Dunker
1:00 PM RAL 1:30 PM RAL >7th/8th Grade Boys>NE Record Retention - Letendre >7th/8th Grade Boys>Universal Windows Dir - Dodge
1:15 PM RAL 2:00 PM MEM >1st/2nd Grade Boys>Vet Emergency Manch  - Boucher >1st/2nd Grade Boys>Bellemore - Stuart
1:30 PM RAL 2:30 PM PWS >3rd/4th Grade Boys>Fournier Builders - Sargent >3rd/4th Grade Boys>Adina Day Spa - Atchinson
1:45 PM RAL 2:00 PM MIS >5th/6th Grade Girls>RTC Construction - Cheetham >5th/6th Grade Girls>Dental Arts of Bedford - Krueger
2:00 PM RAL 2:30 PM RAL >7th/8th Grade Boys>The Ware Group KW - Lubelczyk >7th/8th Grade Boys>LAER-Beauchemin RE - Thompson
2:15 PM RAL 3:00 PM MEM >1st/2nd Grade Boys>LAER-Beauchemin RE - Parker >1st/2nd Grade Boys>Silvia Homes - Bator
2:30 PM RAL        
2:45 PM RAL 3:30 PM PWS >3rd/4th Grade Boys>RJG Universal Builders - Lewis >3rd/4th Grade Boys>MEGA-X - Lafferty
3:00 PM RAL 3:30 PM RAL >7th/8th Grade Boys>Image Contracting - Frongillo >7th/8th Grade Boys>Puritan Backroom - Gere
3:15 PM RAL     78B Travel Boys - Sorvillo  
3:30 PM RAL 4:30 PM RAL >7th/8th Grade Boys>Bedford Friends of Rec-Alderton >7th/8th Grade Boys>Bellemore - Konieczny