The mission of the Darien Junior Sailing Program is to provide a safe, fun and empowering learning environment in which to develop the skills required for sailing; to promote personal growth and independence within the sport, to achieve proficient levels
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Optimist sailors must be 8 years of age by the end of the season in order to participate in the program. To enroll in the 420 program, sailors must be in high school, or recommended by an instructor, and weigh a minimum of 100 lbs. Height and strength are also considered.

Optimist sailors new to the program should follow the outline in the Programs description.  Returning Optimist sailors should register for the recommended level indicated on the 2014 DJST Student Evaluation Form.

To qualify for the 420 program, sailors new to DJST will be evaluated on sailing experience and competency. Returning 420 sailors should register for the recommended level indicated on the 2014 DJST Student Evaluation Form.

Every sailor will sign a Code of Conduct agreeing to behavioral expectations as outlined. Sailors failing to follow the Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action, including possible suspension or expulsion from the program. NO REFUNDS will be given for Code of Conduct suspensions or expulsions.

DJST is a focused program operating in an environment conducive to sailing with safety as the first consideration.  In the event of stormy weather, class will be canceled.  In the event of no-wind conditions, class will be held with an on-shore instructional curriculum. The fate of classes during extreme rough seas or winds will be at the discretion of the DJST Management.  There will be no refunds for canceled classes.

DJST is a tremendously successful volunteer-driven organization thanks in large part to the involvement and enthusiasm of the parents.  Each family is required to volunteer in at least one aspect of the program, including participation as the Parent-on-Duty during a session in which your sailor is registered.  This important position is the on-land contact for all emergencies. Sign-up for the Parent-on-Duty begins at the DJST Parents' Meeting in late May and will be requested throughout the season as needed.

The sailing area is off limits to non-participants during class time. Distractions hinder the instruction process and can cause delays. The swimming area of Weed Beach is a wonderful location from which to observe the sailors rigging, launching and sailing each day.

It is assumed that rental boats will be subject to normal wear and tear throughout the season.  If any significant damage determined to be the fault of a DJST sailor requires the submission of an insurance claim for repairs, the parents of the sailor involved will be responsible for 50% of the deductible.  That deductible is $1,000.00 per incident.

DJST instructors offer private lessons on weekends throughout the season in Optimists and 420’s for those sailors registered in the program who might benefit from a more one-on-one environment. Private lessons are not offered in place of group sessions.  Fees are standard for a one-hour session and vary according to the number of instructors required. Please see the Program Director for details and to schedule a private lesson.

Refund requests for program withdrawals will be considered only if requested prior to May 1, or if withdrawal is for medical reasons. Any program withdrawals before May 1 will be subjected to a $25 service fee.  Absolutely no refunds will be granted after May 1.

Junior Sailing Association (JSA) dues, required for each sailor in order to participate in JSA sanctioned regattas, and additional registration fees for each regatta are the responsibility of the sailing families. These fees will be billed by DJST at season’s end.  Refunds for withdrawals prior to the regatta date will be considered only if the hosting club offers refunds.

Parents are responsible for transporting sailors and their assigned boats to regattas. Our instructors are prohibited from driving any sailor to or from these events. All other information regarding regattas will be included in the DJST Racing Packet.

DJST sailors are required to be respectful and courteous to all instructors and fellow teammates; cooperative with all DJST instructors and fellow sailors; encouraging of fellow sailors; helpful and willing to honor your share of responsibilities.  Sailors will be written up for disruptive behavior or for violating the behavior policies. DJST management reserves the right to suspend or dismiss a sailor from the program for contradictory behavior in order to preserve and protect the integrity and strength of the DJST team as a whole. Under such circumstances, refunds will not be considered. The signatures of parent and sailor on the DJST Policies statement indicate your agreement to comply with the behavioral expectations.

Sailors should be on time every day, and met at the designated drop-off area promptly at the beginning and end of each class. Instruction begins on time and we urge your respect of the specified hours in consideration of your fellow sailors and to insure that you receive the full benefits of the sailing program. Repeated tardiness will be brought to the attention of the DJST management and may be interpreted as disruptive behavior. In the event of a planned late arrival or early dismissal, please notify an instructor in advance so that we can make the necessary accommodations.