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Cooper City Cobras has extended Open Tryouts to include this Wednesday, June 8th, for the 2016-2017
 Travel Soccer Season

   Bill Lips Sport Complex
11700 SW 49th Street
 Cooper City, FL
Wednesday, June 8th
6:00 to 7:30PM
2010 born BOYS 
2009 born BOYS 
2008 born BOYS 
2007 born BOYS 
2007 born GIRLS 
2006 born GIRLS 
7:30PM -9:00PM
2005 born GIRLS 
2004 born GIRLS 
2003 born GIRLS 
1998-2002 born GIRLS 
Please PRE-REGISTER your child to attend our TRYOUTS at our ONLINE Registration Page.  Select the link with your child's date of birth calendar year.  Pre-registering will accelerate your check-in on your first night at our tryouts.  It will also enable the Club to contact you on pontential changes to tryout schedule due to rain.  There is no cost to register or to tryout. 
Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes early to give you time to check in and get your child a tryout number at the Club's tryout registration tent for your age group at the field.  Arrive at least 20 minutes early for the remaining sessions.  Everyone interested in playing travel soccer is urged to attend both tryout sessions.  
All sessions are 90 minutes.  Be sure your child is wearing shin guards and bring water.  
Meanwhile, if you wish to learn more about our Travel Soccer Program, check our Q&A page or be sure to ask your child's age group coach at tryouts the details of their age group player develoment program.

Additional tryouts may be scheduled if needed.

 See you at the field...