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The security and safety of golfers is our primary concern.

Following rules and actions are in place to ensure the security and safety of YAC golfers at Mohansic Golf Course:

  • Under normal circumstances drop-off and pick-up of golfers will be at the Chipping Green Parking Lot
  • In case of rain pick-up may be at Main Club House Pro Shop or possibly at Driving Range Pro Shop in case of lightning
  • Attendance of all golfers will be taken at time of drop-off
  • In case of late drop-off parent or guardian is responsible for checking golfer in with instructor at the Chipping Green
  • In case of early pick-up parent or guardian must communicate details to Skip Marini at time of drop-off
  • In case of late pick-up golfer will be escorted to Main Club House Pro Shop
  • All golfer movement between stations will be supervised by instructor, golfer headcounts will be taken at departure and arrival
  • Golfer headcounts will be periodically taken at each station