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Here are the list of other Cooper City passive parks and addresses. These fields do not have any light.

Christie Schafale ParkSW 87 Ave. (33328) 5 acres includes:  Playground, park benches, basketball & volleyball courts, exercise trail, open play area.  Walking path 1/4 mile. Park Hours: Sunup-Sundown.               
Kozak Park:  SW 89 Way. (33328)  1/2 acre includes: Playground area, open play space. Park Hours: Sunup-Sundown.

Flamingo ParkSW 122 Ave. (33330)  3.5 acres includes:   Playground, volley ball/basketball courts, tennis court, and open space.  Park Hours: Sunup-Sundown.
Lake Park:  SW 56 Ct. & SW 113 Ave. (33330)  7 1/2 acres includes:   Playground, park benches, walking/bike trail, picnic tables, open play area, basketball & tennis courts.  Jogging path 1/3 mile.  Park Hours: Sunup-Sundown.

Stirling Palm Park:  NW 103 Ave. (33328)  2 acres includes: Playground, basketball court and open space.  Park Hours: Sunup-Sundown. 
Tamarind Park:  SW 115 Ave. & SW 55 Ct. (33330)
 5 1/2 acres  Includes:   Playground, exercise trail, tennis & racquetball courts, park benches open play area and walking path 1/3 mile..  Park Hours: Sunup-Sundown.

Ted Ferone Park:  SW 106 Ave. & SW 51 St.  (33328) 4 acres includes:  Playground, park benches, exercise trail, picnic tables, open play area, tennis/racquetball and basketball courts.  Walking path 1/3 mile.   Park Hours: Sunup-Sundown.