Jamaica Plain Youth Soccer provides a safe and sportsmanlike atmosphere for the youth of Jamaica Plain, Roslindale and surrounding Boston neighborhoods.
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JPYS Coaching Principles


Atmosphere is always educational, not results based.  Winning is a byproduct of player development. Losing can be valuable: it leads to thinking and reflection.
Main objective of game days is enjoyment. Competition is good,  an essential part of experience; we always want players trying to win each event, but coaches should not focus beyond each game. Don’t sacrifice education to win.
Be positive as much as possible.


Coaches are encouraged to collaborate and share practice planning with age level coaches. Preference is to maximize mixing of players at age level at practice.
All players play all positions (goalie is a choice); no established positions. Teach functions; tactical role at each place on the field.
When the ball is in play don’t talk; players need to learn to make decisions independently. (They’re not listening anyway.)
Don’t be critical of individuals; don’t name names. Speak about how “we” have to improve.


Practice should be planned. Follow Progression of Soccer Program. Is it age appropriate, simple, and realistic? Come early to set up practice space.
No laps, no lines, no lectures!
No physical work for its own sake.
Don’t lecture. Keep talk to an absolute minimum. You should never talk to players for more two minutes at a time. Don’t talk too much about your tactical objectives: devise activities which will lead the players to improve.