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 Prior to 1965, if you wanted to play organized hockey or figure skate in Falmouth you had two options, find a safe pond or go to Hyannis. Then in 1965, Albert Lawrence took the initiative to build The Falmouth Ice Arena. Soon thereafter, Falmouth Youth Hockey and Falmouth Figure Skating Club began. All of Falmouth had a venue to enjoy skating at all levels.
From the outset, the rink was run on a modest budget. By 1967 the rink was in danger of being closed. It was at this point a group of local businessmen became involved with the idea of saving the rink through local fundraising efforts. It quickly became clear that these well intentioned efforts were not going to be adequate. In 1967, Mr. and Mrs. Josiah K. Lilly III provided FYHL with 1,500 shares of Lilly Pharmaceutical stock to be used as collateral for a loan. The rink was saved! Some forty years later, Falmouth continues to enjoy a great hockey history as well as a tremendous figure skating program.
Over the years there have been State Championship teams, Gold Medals, and years of the simple joy of skating. We are at the point that Falmouth needs a new rink. The old rink served us very well. But times change, technology changes and our needs have changed. Generations of Falmouth’s youth have had the opportunity to enjoy and participate in group athletics; some have gone on to college careers and one to the Olympics. We are right now planning to build a new ice arena and we hope to provide a modern, fun, and long lasting experience for generations to come. Please consider a donation to this worthy cause. We need your help!