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Rochester, NY
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Kenneth Verstraete
(at Cooperstown)

Ken was father to Robin (and Steve) Rauh, and grandfather to Ali and Andy Rauh whose softball and baseball involvement spanned the entire spectrum of Brighton's Little League and scholastic programs.  Steve was a long time Brighton Little League coach, league president and commissioner and Robin volunteered for Brighton Baseball throughout the time her family was involved. 

Ken actually never missed one of Ali's games, and only missed a few of Andy's due to hospitalization.  He kept such a good "book" score-keeping for Andy's teams that he was invited to be scorebook keeper by high school coach Jason Wasserman.  His love of youth baseball in Brighton continued for many years after his grandchildren left for college as evidenced by his continuation as scorekeeper for the 16-18 year old boys teams.  Ken was known as "Grandpa" even by those who played in the years after his family was involved. Ken worked 12 straight Brighton Little League Opening Day festivities. 

Ken loved his family and loved contributing to activities that made them happy.  Ken's contributions to Brighton Little League are cherished.