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Sport Registration Rules & Policies

  1. Players may not register to play in two (2) sports in the same season.
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  2. Players cannot quit one sport to play another sport during the same season.
  3. The decision of whether a player can play travel and in-house within the same sport at the same time is left up to the head commissioner of each individual sport.
  4. Allowing high school and middles school players, who participate at that level in a particular sport, to play that same sport within the Optimist program at the same time, either in-house or travel, is solely left up to each individual sport's commissioner.
  5. The Optimist in-house program, in season, will always have priority over Optimist travel programs unless arrangements can be made between the head sports commissioners of the sports involved. This applies to conflicting practices and/or games.
  6.  In the very possible event of a sport in season overlapping with practices and/or games of another sport in the succeeding season: Player(s) of the sport in season must be given priority in finishing their current season before being required to attend games and practices of the succeeding season. A player may participate in both sports, in this overlap period, if there are no conflicts.