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Program Philosophy
The general focus for the C-C Girls Travel Basketball program is to teach the girls the game of basketball within an organized practice structure and then work to apply that instruction during a competitive game setting. The goal is to improve the girls’ individual basketball knowledge and skills as well as their ability to play within a team concept. 
Besides basketball, the program wishes to create an environment in which the following attributes are developed and emphasized:
-SPORTSMANSHIP in all practices and games. Be a good  teammate and opponent.
-RESPECT – for yourself, your parents, coaches, teammates, opponents, referees, equipment, and facilities
-RESPONSIBILITY to your teammates and coaches: be prepared, focused, and on time.
-COMPETITION- play hard and focus at every practice and game to improve yourself and your teammates
-ENJOYMENT - basketball is a game to be enjoyed for life at all levels

-Expect basketball to be primary sport during travel basketball season
-Expect attendance at most practices and games.
It is expected that one team per grade will be formed for grades 5 through 8. Generally, teams will be limited to 11 players to allow enough game playing time for each girl. For some grades, the demand to participate is expected to be greater than the number of players who can be placed on teams.
Practice and Game Schedule:
5th to 8th Grade: one or two 90-minute practices per week and 1-2 games per weekend. Season runs mid-November to early March.  Play in Middlesex League.  All home games Saturday mornings at Middlesex School.

Playing Time:
- 5th grade coaches will do their best to balance playing time over the course of the season.  This assumes players have made the commitment to be at practices and games.
-It is not expected that 6th, 7th, and 8th grade players will play the same amount.
-Playing time will vary for 6th-8th on a game-to-game basis, with ¼ as a minimum per game.   Playing time will be based on practice performance, effort and attendance; game situation; skills; knowledge of plays; attitude and behavior.
Costs include gym rental time, referee fees, insurance, uniforms and tournament or league fees. 
2012-13 costs:
  • Grade 5-8: $260 (Additional fees, if needed, Jersey $25, Shorts $15)

Middlesex School, Concord Academy, Concord School Gyms
It is important that all girls and coaches bring their basketball shoes and change into them before stepping on the court to protect the playing surface from dirt, gravel, sand, etc. Parents and siblings should not walk on the courts. 
Parking and drop-off for practices at Concord Academy is on Main Street.  Do not enter the CA campus even if you are only dropping off.  The gym is a brick building approximately 200 feet inside the East Gate entrance on the right.  The East Gate entrance is directly across from the Concord Library. 

Tryouts Schedule and Information:
Registration and tryout information will be provided in September.

-Arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled time with a signed waiver.
-Do not wear any travel basketball uniforms from previous years.
- If you have a conflict with tryout dates, alternative arrangements may be made to attend another grade’s tryout for observation
-Team Coaches will make final decision on team selection with feedback of at least one outside observer.
-Email notification of team selection will be made within 1 week of final tryout.

Please contact Dennis McCollum, Girls Travel Program Coordinator, 978-505-7310, email