Our mission is to provide an exciting and fun environment for players to reach their maximum potential and become a more confident and skillful lacrosse player. Booth Lacrosse is a first class organization both on and off the field. We will treat each pla


The Booth Developmental Program (BDP) is a comprehensive lacrosse training system aimed at building a player's individual skills and lacrosse IQ. With 10 years of experience training players on the finer points of lacrosse, BDP has helped countless players reach their playing goals.

BDP practices feature high tempo, exciting drills and game play. Our goal is to make sure that every player on the field is engaged, involved, and having fun.

Some of the things that set BDP apart include:

Program Personality

The focus of the program is individual skill development, increasing lacrosse IQ, and to help players understand what it takes to be a great teammate.

Coaching Style

Our attention to detail, consideration of how and what skill sets are taught, and the unrelenting focus of how to become a great player by building the fundamental skills which allow the player to then take the next steps toward achieving a higher IQ and becoming an impact player for their team. 


For newer players, lacrosse can seem complex. This can lead to frustration and negatively impact a player's enjoyment. By simplifying the game, and breaking it down into “pieces”, Booth Lacrosse helps players  better understand how to succeed. We use drills that fuse individual skills with combination play (2 v 1, 3 v 2, 4 v 4, etc.) to break down specific game situations that help players see the game in new ways and recognize recurring situations.

Personal Attention

Honing individual skill is essential to becoming a great team player. Every BDP player receives personal attention that helps define his strengths and areas for growth. The resulting personal assessment reveals a path to improving specific skills and dramatically accelerates player’s development.


We hold evaluations in the Fall and Summer. Our season goes from September 1-July 31, excluding the Spring season when the local club and high school programs are active. 

If you are interested in being invited to a future evaluation, please click here and fill out our Notification Form.