Our mission is to provide an exciting and fun environment for players to reach their maximum potential and become a more confident and skillful lacrosse player. Booth Lacrosse is a first class organization both on and off the field. We will treat each pla

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Overview of Booth Developmental Program (BDP)

Booth Lacrosse is introducing a new, year round Developmental Program that is aimed at building individual skills guaranteed to increase your player’s lacrosse IQ.  BDP is an intelligent choice for any player or parent that is determined to be part of the best skill development program and take their game to the next level.  This program will be compliant with all other in-season programs.  The player’s school or club practice will always come first. The dates that are chosen are to avoid as much conflict as possible.  There are other lacrosse programs out there but none compare to the BDP’s skill development. The practices are where the player learns the most!


Why Choose the Booth Developmental Program?

  • The personality of the program is different than all other around

The focus of the program is individual skill development, increasing lacrosse IQ, and to help players understand what it takes to reach the highest level of their game. Through Tim Booth’s experience of playing 10 professional season of the MLL and NLL he understands what it takes to create a great player as well as how great teams are created.  He will be able to give your son the tools to succeed at the next level.

  • Coaching style

The attention to detail, how and what skill sets are taught, and the unrelenting focus of how to become a great player by building the fundamental skills which allow the player to then take the next steps toward achieving a higher IQ and becoming an impact player for their team. The players will have the game broken down into “pieces” to better understand how to succeed in the “whole” aspect of the game of lacrosse. The drills will utilize individual skills and combination play (2 v 1, 3 v 2, 4 v 4, etc.) to create specific game situations so the player can better understand how to be successful in a game. Tim’s instruction will allow the players to better see the game and to recognize recurring situations, effectively “slowing the game down” so each player can react in the most effective way.

  • Recruiting Process

When it comes to the recruiting process your son will be noticed with more distinction by understanding the specific skill sets and attitude that are taught in this program. The program is teaching how to master the skill sets that are desired from all college coaches.  The college coaches will recognize the level of the player’s lacrosse IQ, which will make the player more desirable.

  • Personal Assessment

Each player will receive a personal assessment of his strengths and weaknesses. The plan will recommend ways to enhance player’s strengths and to better use those strengths in games. The plan will identify weaknesses and make specific recommendations of skills, drills, and exercises to improve those aspects of the player’s development. The assessment will cover stick skills, 1v1 ability, individual and team offensive and defensive aptitudes, lacrosse I.Q., work habits, and coach-ability. This evaluation is an honest assessment that helps the player prepare for future success.

  • 2 Part Workout Program

Each player will receive both a speed, agility, and quickness program as well as a lacrosse regimen. Tim will prepare these plans based on his MLL and NLL experience, collegiate coaching, and many years of teaching players at the best camps in the world and in personal workout sessions. Each player will be taught the 300-yard shuttle, T-drill, 5-10-5-cone drill, and the 40 yard dash. Tim will give techniques and exercises to improve individual performance in these tests. At the higher levels, coaches, scouts, and recruiters in nearly all sports test players’ physical attributes to assess athletic potential. This is an excellent opportunity for the players to learn certain body mechanics that are rarely taught or explained.

Each player will receive a skills workout program specific to his position and current development to do on his own throughout the year. This program will help the player become a better athlete and improve his lacrosse sticks skills. Many players have been told what to do but never shown or explained why. This program will give a position specific workout plan that teaches the desired skill sets to become the best at their position.