Lucky Lax has made some changes to our club season timeline and tryouts. Please see below and feel free to reach out with any questions.

Lucky Lax Club Information for 2017 Club Season  

About Lucky Lax

Lucky Lax was founded in 2003 by Catherine Shelley and Trish Derwart Marton with a mission to provide the Greater Columbus Area with quality instruction and playing opportunities in Girl’s Lacrosse. Lucky Lax takes pride in providing an educational experience in a competitive arena while developing lacrosse players to their full potential. We are thrilled to offer a Club Program where our efforts are focused on developing the elite lacrosse player and elite teams while offering the tools, opportunities, and resources for both to thrive. The Club Program started competing in the summer of 2012.


The Club Philosophy

We believe competition is an integral part of forming a successful club. Tryouts are held to foster that competition. The Lucky Lax Club is built on the principle of instructing the individual and the team from the ground up. Meaning all elements of the game will be addressed from fundamentals to team strategy, individual skill, as well as offensive and defensive concepts. Consistency and organization is the name of our game. Teams remain together to create chemistry and fully develop their play. Our top notch coaches will remain with their teams throughout the Club Season. This gives them the opportunity to know their players, address their challenges and build on their strengths. Did we mention FUN? After all, lacrosse is the best sport on two feet! We strive for our players to have an awesome experience with us at Lucky Lax.

**NEW! Changes to the LL Club Timeline**

Lucky Lax needs to make the transition to a Fall/Summer Club experience. Meaning, teams are selected at the end of summer and begin their Club journey that upcoming Fall --then meet again the following summer to conclude their Club Year. We anticipate a lot of questions and have provided additional Q&A below to further clarify since this first year of transition is unique.

This is the model currently being used by the majority of Clubs nationally who also have made the switch.

This will allow Lucky Lax to announce rosters earlier, players will be entering tryouts closer to the conclusion of the club season (athletes will be better lax shape), and fall sports & fall small sided tournament conflicts can be avoided.




-My daughter plays a fall sport, what if I have a conflict with tryouts?

Please make every effort to attend at least a portion of ONE of the tryouts (If needed you can tryout with a different age group). All players must register for tryouts regardless of availability at tryouts if they want to be considered for a spot. Contact us through email ( ) if you have a conflict and we will find another time to evaluate. If there are enough players who need another tryout, we will look into a supplemental tryout date.


-What season is my daughter trying out for?

Your daughter will be trying out for the Summer of 2018 Season. For this year (and this year only). This will be a tryout for summer only club. Fees will be adjusted to reflect Summer only.


-How will my daughter be able to participate in the Fall of 2018 Tournaments if she is only committed for the Summer of 2018?

Tryouts will again be held at the beginning of September of 2018. The players selected during this tryout will be committed for Fall of 2018 & Summer of 2019.


-What are club fees?

Club fees will be $1200 for all teams for the summer.


-So….Lucky Lax is moving from a Summer & Fall committment to a Fall & Summer commitment?

You got it!  


Club Structure

We offer a team for the following High school graduation years: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 teams for the 2018 summer only club season.

*New*Local Lucks Club team available for 2024 & 2025 age groups. This includes Summer only participation and local tournaments & training. Assessments (not tryouts) are held for the group and will be held later in the fall with open enrollment until the team is full.

Click here to check out the Local Lucks page for more information.

For the 2019-2023 club teams, it is a SUMMER ONLY commitment this year as we make the switch in our club timeline. Each team will keep approximately 20 players per roster.



There is a two day tryout where each player will be evaluated on different skill sets each day. 2024 players can tryout for the 2023 travel team since we do not offer a travel team for the 2024 graduation year. Each year all players are re-evaluated and players are not guaranteed spots from the prior year.


Tryout Times


 Graduation Years    

Tryout Time


10:30-12pm    (Brief Stand-up Meeting after tryouts with Parents/Players)




Sunday, September 10th

  Graduation Years   

  Tryout Time   

2020 & 2021

12-1pm    (Brief Stand-up Meeting after tryouts with Parents/Players)



(Brief Stand-up Meeting after tryouts with Parents/Players)


*2024 players may tryout for the 2023 team

    **Local Lucks will be evaluated at a separate time. More information will be provided soon.


Player Commitment

Player commitment is an important aspect of building a successful team and Club Program. For players to get the most out of the LL club experience and for us to fully develop each athlete, attendance must be a priority. We understand family commitments and unforeseen absences and can review them on a case-by-case basis. We want to be fair to the team and coaches who have all committed to the experience but also realistic to the many obligations of our families. Again, to develop the best team(s) and player(s) possible, attendance must be a priority.



We will have 2-3 scheduled practices per week during the summer to help develop a cohesive team. These practices will be held in the evening hours with times and specific dates TBA but will start at the beginning of June through the last summer tournament. In the fall we will have 5-7 scheduled practices that will be 2-2.5 hours long and held on Sundays. Addtitional stick work days, specific skill days will also be added.

We understand club players may want to play fall sports and we support this! Practices will be held in the Columbus area.

A goalie coach will rotate between practices to work with goalies.

In addition to the regularly scheduled practices, Clinic and Instructional Sessions may be held to address skill specific training. These sessions will conducted by both Local Lucky Lax Staff members and guest coaches who are equipped with the latest skills and strategies in women's lacrosse.

*Note, Coaches may choose to add additional practices to the schedule.

**Practice times may be changed for tournament preparation.


College Recruiting Seminars

We offer a college-recruiting seminar to all of our prospective collegiate lacrosse players to explain the recruiting process, the "do" and "don't" aspects of college recruiting, and what players and parents can expect to occur. In addition, Trish, a Guidance/College Counselor will be the Club Resource Counselor. While we love the lacrosse playing aspect of our players, we value them as Student-Athletes (with the student coming first).


Club Fees

Club Fees for 2018 summer only Club season will be $1200 for all travel teams. Fees include club fees AND tournament fees. Club Fees will be collected through our secure online system or by check. Each team will have 3 tournaments, a playday, summer stick work and specific skill work clinics, and fall skills clinics included in the fees.

***For travel club teams only (2019-2023)--Each player is required to bring a $250 good faith deposit check to tryouts in addition to the online tryout fee. If a player is selected for a team, this check will be deposited and will go towards Club Fees. If a player is NOT selected, the check is shredded. We take team selections very seriously.

If, during the week after the tryout weekend, you decide that Lucky Lax Club is NOT for you...just let us know we will shred your check. However, once decisions are released, if a player is selected and later decides not to take the roster position, the $250 payment is retained. Please tryout with the intent of taking the roster spot if it is offered. No refunds given after being offered and taking a spot.


Tournament fees are calculated by dividing the cost of the tournament by the total number of players on that team. Players are responsible for all fees whether or not they can attend a tournament. Each player must be a member of US Lacrosse for insurance purposes. More information for US Lacrosse can be found by clicking here.


There are no other additional fees.


Club Fees include the following expenses:

•    Uniform

•    Practice Reversible

•    Web Site Fees

•    Facility Rentals/field lining

•    Practice Equipment

•    Coaches’ Stipends

•    Travel costs for coaches

•    Administrative Costs

•    Recruiting Seminar

•    Instructional Skil Sessions, Fall Clinics, Open Nets, 7-week Indoor Training, June Pre-Season Training

*Additional Benefits to Club Members include discounts on specified Lucky Lax Leagues.


Hotel and Travel Information

Each player is responsible for their own travel and stay accommodations for each tournament. Lucky Lax will supply the list of reserved hotels to each Club Team.


Tournament and Fee Structure

Currently being updated...



How is Lucky Lax different from other Clubs?

Our approach is personal and dedicated to the development of each individual player and each individual team. We are purposely keeping our program small to ensure each player receives the attention they need to grow in the sport and become an elite player. By focusing on individual/team development, we will be able to best showcase our skills in summer/fall tournaments.


What can I expect in the recruiting process?

The most important person in the recruiting process is the player. It is the player who will be going to school and playing lacrosse so it is the player that should lead the process. Year after year we hear from college coaches that it is the player they want to hear from. Lucky Lax has the experience and knowledge of the process to help the player along the way. Lucky Lax will help improve the Lacrosse IQ and skills of the player to ensure they are at the top of their game. Our Staff has personal experience at all levels of the recruiting process, including: College Coaches, Parents of recruited players, High School Coaches, as well as College players. The directors of the LL Club were both Division I players. Catherine was a Div I assistant. Trish has 15 years experience as a varsity coach and has coached an elite club in Maryland, she is also the current coach of a nationally ranked high school program in Maryland. Both Catherine and Trish are well versed in the recruiting process.


What are the benefits of playing Club if I'm Middle School?

You will work with the most knowledgeable coaches in the game and experience lacrosse in a very new and exciting way. If you love lacrosse, this is the place for you. We are here to improve your skills and help you explore your future options when the time comes.


Lucky Lax is DEDICATED to developing each player. Our comprehensive program is designed to develop the elite player and elite team. Join us!


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