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This is an addendum to the US Lacrosse Code of Conduct rules and philosophy posted on the US Lacrosse website. The goal of our programs is to teach basic lacrosse skills, rules, team play, and sportsmanship to boys at various levels of skill in a positive environment.

We place great emphasis and value on always keeping a positive attitude and respecting your teammates, opponents, and referees, no matter what the score. Poor sportsmanship is not acceptable and will get you benched. Although winning is great, our goal is for you to develop the skills, discipline, and attitude that will help our players succeed later in life.

ATTENDANCE. Players are expected to attend ALL lacrosse games and practices.  Please call or email the head coach at least 24 hours BEFORE practice if you are going to be absent.

ARRIVAL. Players should be fully dressed, on the field and ready to play -- on time.  Arrive 15 minutes before practice begins to dress. Arrive 30 minutes before all games to allow time for pre-game drills and warm up.

Why do we have a strong and well-defined Attendance Policy?

Respect for yourself, teammates and coaches.  The coaches you work with will spend considerable time in planning and running practices to teach skill and prepare for games as will your teammates in rehearsing and applying these practices into their play.  Both practice and game plans rely on consistent attendance from all players.  With just a few late or missing players, the best made plans can be thrown out the window.

Lacrosse is a team sport.  Teamwork is a "life skill" that stays with young athletes long after they stop playing sports.  It often makes them better in social, educational and, eventually, professional environments.

On a team, the group suffers unless everyone is committed to its success.  Commitment requires that everyone show up ready to play on time every session.  Showing up "when you feel like it" just doesn't cut it in Sudbury lacrosse, just like it doesn't cut it when you are a member of a musical band, a theatrical play, or any other group activity.  Making commitments and fulfilling them are important in both sports and life. We want to send the right message to our players.

The life skills learned in youth sports are much more sustaining than the sports skills that they learn (although we care a lot about developing sports skills, too.)

We believe that all youth lacrosse players need ample playing time during both practices and games to develop in a sport and to get the most enjoyment out of the game.

Our equation: Attendance + Attitude + Aptitude + Application + Academics + Ambition = Awesome!

Players who attend practice, try hard and follow the Code of Conduct will receive ample playing time. Players who do not attend every practice, do not show up on time, do not try their hardest and do not show respect  for coaches, officials, opponents, and teammates will not get as much playing time as teammates.  Please discuss this policy with your child.

1.  Each player is expected to attend practices and games. Call, text, or email your coaches if you cannot attend a game or practice. Playing time in games will be reduced for those who do not attend practice.

2.  To be on time in lacrosse you need to be there early.  Each player is expected to be dressed and ready to go at the time practice is scheduled to begin this requires our players to arrive early.  There may be additional conditioning to make up for missed practice time.  Your coach will inform you of what time you are expected to be ready before each game – usually at least one half hour.

3.  Profanity is not allowed by players or parents associated with NBL. It is not conducive to a positive environment of sportsmanship and will not be tolerated at practice or on the game field.

4.  Game misconduct penalties are for actions toward the referees, other teams, fans, or on-field actions that are inappropriate and unsportsmanlike in nature. Any player receiving game misconduct penalties will be disciplined with extra conditioning and possible suspensions at the discretion of the coaches.

5. NBL holds a no tolerance policy for fighting. If you are guilty of fighting at anytime you will be suspended from the team for a minimum of one game and/or as long as the team feels necessary regarding the situation that the fight was conducted in.

7. The coaches reserve the right to suspend or dismiss any player for conduct not in the best interest of the team and the team goals.

8. All equipment that is property of the NBL must be returned at the required time. Players will be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged NBL equipment.