Dear Darien Youth Hockey Goaltenders and Parents,

Pro Crease Goaltending is very excited to be the official goaltending instruction of the Darien Youth Hockey Association. Pro Crease Goaltending is headed by Jared Waimon who is one of three USA Hockey Goaltending Mentors in the country. Hence, Darien goaltenders are getting only the most current coaching with the best teaching methodology to help your goaltender absorb and utilize the skills or information presented to him or her.

Our staff only consists of coaches who have played the position at a high level. To help a goaltender succeed at their current level and progress to the next level and beyond, the person guiding them must have the knowledge and ability to coach, advise and challenge the goaltender. Pro Crease Goaltending feels very strongly about establishing proper habits that are needed at all levels of play. There will be five habits that we will address every time we are on the ice: stance, movements, depth, puck tracking and competition.

Throughout the season the Pro Crease staff will help develop and continue to improve your goaltender’s foundational skills. This includes their stance, basic saves and skating movements. As we progress your goaltender will also improve their ability to read the play and situational responses. To do this we will spend a great deal of time working their slides and post save response.

During the year do not hesitate to contact any of the coaches with questions about your goaltender’s game. We are happy to offer truthful and constructive feedback. We are here for your goaltender’s success. Pro Crease Goaltending always teaches in manner that asks the goalie to focus on what he or she wants to accomplish rather than focusing on what “not to do”. Again, thank you for having us and we look forward to advancing your goaltender’s game.
Pro Crease Goaltending