Skill Sessions 2012-13

Mites: Session 1  (OCT)
The most important skill in hockey is skating.  In Mites it is very important to learn the correct technique, and begin to teach your body the correct muscle memory.  It is critical to have the correct body and stick position in hockey.  The focus of this class will be skating stride.  Skill session 1 part 1 will address:
         Proper Hockey Position
         Inside/ Outside Edge (F)
         Long Stride/ Power Stride (F)
         Shuffling (F)
         Knee Bend / Balance (F)
Once we have done work on the proper skating technique we will introduce pucks.  It is hard work to get the puck so when we get it we need to keep it. Skill session 1 part 2 will address:
         Proper Stick and hand position
         Shuffling with the puck (F)
         Puck Control full speed
         Head up
         Rolling wrists
         Using long strides with the puck

Mites: Session 2  (NOV)
Skating/ Stickhandling/ Offensive moves
In continuation of skating being the most important skill in hockey, we will continue to focus on building the stride. We will continue to build the knowledge and technique worked on in the first session.   Skill session 2 part 1 will address:
         Overview of session 1
         Stops & Starts
         Crossovers (F/B)
         Shuffling (used to make moves)
         Speed Development (F)
Once the players have shown an understanding of the skating skills being taught we will introduce pucks.  What separates the NHL player from the minor league player is their ability to keep their high speed and intensity with the puck.  Our main focus with the pucks is: closing the gap between our speed without the puck and speed with the puck.  Skill session 2 part 2 will address:
         Straight speed with puck (F)
         Stops & Starts with puck (F)
         Lateral Movement (F)
         Making a move (F)
         Accelerating out of moves (F)
         Crossovers with pucks (F)

Mites: Session 3  (DEC)

Backwards Skating / Backwards Puckcontrol
The main focus until this point has been skating.  Continuing this theme we will now introduce and perfect backwards skating.  It is so important, regardless of position, that all players be able to skate backwards.  Many times forwards need to cover for the defenseman and skating backwards is a must.  Skill session 3 part 1 will address:
         Proper backwards-skating position
         Inside/ Outside edge (B)
         Shuffling (B)
         C-Cuts (B)
         Acceleration (B)
         Crossovers (B)
After getting a taste of backwards skating we will introduce pucks and work on puck control backwards.  This is a skill everyone should learn, but geared especially for defenseman.  Skill session 3 part 2 will address:
         Proper Hand & Body position (B)
         Dragging the puck (B)
         Shuffling with puck (B)
         Pivots with puck
         Keeping head up at all times