Skill Session 2012-13

Squirts: Session 1  (OCT)
Skating/ Stickhandling

The most important skill in hockey is skating and it is very important that we continue to train our body to skate properly.  In this session we will build off the edges and technique, and focus on getting more power in each stride.  Skill session 1 part 1 will address:
         Inside/ Outside Edges (F,B)
         Knee Bend
         Start and finish point of stride (F)
         Long strides (F)
         Power (staying low) (F)
         Acceleration then long strides (F)
Once we have completed the power skating portion of the session, we would like to introduce pucks.  The main focus being to continue using the same strides we normally have.  Not shortening our stride because we have the puck.  It is hard work to get the puck, lets work on keeping it.  Skill session 1 part 2 will address:
         Inside/ Outside Edges with puck (F)
         Acceleration with puck (F)
         Full Speed with puck (F)
         Shuffling with puck (F)
         Changing speeds (F)
         Crossovers with puck (F)
         Head up at all times

Squirts: Session 2  (NOV)
Backwards Skating/ Puck Control

In continuation of skating being the most important skill in hockey. Our focus in session one was forwards, in this session we want to work on backwards.  We would like to have each player be able to skate with the same speed as they have forwards.  Skill session 2 part 1 will address:
         Overview of session 1 (F)
         Proper knee bend and body position (B)
Inside/ Outside edges (B)
         C-cuts (B)
         Crossovers (B)
         Acceleration into a shuffle (B)
Once the players have shown and understanding of the skating skills backwards, we will get pucks involved.  Controlling the puck at full speed backwards is no easy task, and I will teach the correct way to do this.  Skill session 2 part 2 will address:
         Inside/ Outside edge with pucks (B)
         Shuffling with puck (B)
         Handling puck around the body
         Crossovers with puck (B)
         Pivots and escapes (B)

Squirts: Session 3  (DEC)
Offensive Moves/ Shooting
The main focus of our skill sessions thus far has been skating both forwards and backwards.  In this session we would like review the skills learned in the first two sessions, and then introduce moves and deking.  Skill session 3 part 1 will address:
         Review of session 1 & 2 (F,B)
         Making moves from shuffling (F)
         Acceleration after move (F)
         Using reach and body to protect puck (F)
         Head and shoulder fakes (F)
         How to analyze a defenseman for weaknesses
After a quick review of skating that we have covered in previous sessions and then our development of moves.  We will incorporate shooting at this time.  Our main focus will be on a wrist shot and how to make a move and then fire a hard wrist shot.  Skill session 3 part 2 will address:
         Proper shooting technique (weight transfer, head up,
                  Follow through, etc…) 
         Shooting while on the move
         Attacking the d-man and getting off a quick shot
         Going to the net for rebound
         Thinking while shooting