Skill Sessions 2012-13

PeeWee: Session 1  (OCT)
Skating/ Puckhandling

Skating and speed are two of the most important aspects of hockey.  At this point a player should have a good foundation and understanding of their stride.  In these skill sessions the coaches will focus on making each player a more explosive skater.  Skill session 1 part 1 will address:
         Inside/ Outside edges one legged (F,B)
         Arm Movement
         Explosive starts
         Long powerful strides   
         Crossovers (F,B)
         Straight speed (F,B)
Once explosive skating has been addressed we would like to introduce pucks.  We believe that elite players are able to keep their top speeds steady with and without the puck.  The focus will be on closing that gap and handling the puck out of the player’s speed comfort zone.  Skill session 1 part 2 will address:
         Edges with pucks
         Handling the puck in open ice and in traffic
         Explosive starts with puck
         Changing speeds
         Crossovers with puck

PeeWee: Session 2  (NOV)
Skating/ Puckhandling/ Shooting

Building off of session one and our focus on skating and speed, we will get right into speed with the puck.  Every player should be able to handle the puck at full speed both forwards and backwards.  We want to see drills successfully completed at full speed.  Skill session 2 part 1 will address:
         Edges/ Stride technique
         Crossovers with pucks (F,B)
         Pivots with pucks
         Fakes and Dekes with acceleration
         Puck protection
         Overspeed skating with pucks
After working on controlling the puck and using our speed with the puck, we would like to shift the focus to shooting and scoring.  As you compete at higher levels the game gets faster and you have less and less time to make plays.  This part of the session will focus on shooting while moving their feet and perfecting a quick release.  Skill session 2 part 2 will address:
         Proper technique of snap shot
         Head up
         Feet moving
         Follow through
         Crash the net
         Speed/ Moves with puck finish with shot.

PeeWee: Session 3  (DEC)
Passing/ Shooting/ 1v1,2v2,3v3 battles

The first two sessions have covered many of the important skills of hockey and they will continue to be the backbone of our sessions.  In this third session we will focus on using your teammates and the best way to utilize this critical aspect of the game is by passing.  Passing is 90% mental, as the player needs to be focused and think about making a good pass.  Skill session 3 part 1 will address:
         Skating/ Puckhandling
         Small area passing
         Give ‘n go- Quick shot
         Using your feet
         Indirect or Area pass  (using the boards)
At this point we expect players to have good puck movement.  We will split the players into groups, forward and defensemen.  The groups will focus on different battle situations.  Skill session 3 part 2 will address:
         Offense:  Attacking the d-man, changing speeds, protecting the puck, using your teammates, driving the net, creating offense in odd man situations
         Defense:  Playing the chest/ man, switching/ communication, force to outside, creating turnovers/ jumping in play offensively, stopping an odd man rush
After splitting into the two groups we will join together and run some drills that will challenge players to think and react to different game like situations.