Skill Sessions 2012-13

Bantam: Session 1  (OCT)
Skating/ Puck handling/ Passing

Skating and speed are what a player needs to make the jump to the next level.  All of the rule changes that have been happening are putting a premium on skating ability and offensive skills.  In these sessions we will focus on helping each player to make the jump.  Skill session part 1 will address:
         Inside/ Outside edge One-legged (F,B)
         Pivots/ Transitions
         Full speed puck control
         Long strides
         Crossovers (F,B)
         Puck Control (F,B)
Once the skating and puck control has been addressed we will work on moving the puck.  The puck travels much faster than a player can skate, and giving and receiving a pass is crucial.  Skill session part two will address:
         Small area passing
         Cycling to create offense
         Give n’ go – quick shot
         Using your feet
         Area pass

Bantam:  Session 2  (NOV)
Skating/ Offensive moves/ Shooting

Hockey is played at a very high speed, and it is necessary to practice that way. One way to improve speed is to do over speed skating.  We will push players to leave their comfort zone, resulting in more speed with and without the puck.  Skill session part 1 will address:
         Over speed skating (F,B)
         Over speed with pucks (F, B)
         Edges with pucks
         Explosive starts with pucks
         Changing speeds
         Reach/puck protection
Utilizing the skills we have worked on in part 1 we will now address shooting. We know how much every player enjoys taking a slap shot, and we will touch on that. More importantly though, we will address the snap shot. This is going to be a scorer’s best weapon as it can be taken at full speed and released quickly. Skill session part 2 will address:
         Technique snap/slap shot
         One timer’s
         Head up
         Quick release with feet moving
         A scorer’s mindset 

Bantam:  Session 3  (DEC)
Skating/passing/scoring/offensive and defensive skills

Building off the first two sessions, this session will use all skills previously taught. Each player will be challenged with game situations and we are looking for them to make quick decisions. The ability to think ahead is a very powerful skill to have in the game of hockey. Skill session part 1 will address:
         Over speed skating/passing drills
         Flow drills (3 on 0, ETC…)
         Attacking the offensive zone
         Transitioning from defense to offense
         Attacking the net
         Full speed quick release
At this time in the session we will break into groups of forwards and defenseman. Skill session part 2 will address:
         Offense:  Attack the d-man, change speeds, protect puck, using your teammates, driving the net, creating offense in odd man situations
         Defense:  Playing the chest/ man, switching/ communication, force to outside, create turnover/ jump to offense, stopping an odd man rush
At the end of this session we will come back together and play some small area games. This will force each player to read and react quickly.