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Club Tech was created by Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Microsoft in 2000 and updated regularly to technologically enable Clubs worldwide, transforming Clubs from "swim & gym" to "point and click." By leveling the "virtual playing field," youth of all ages and circumstances now have access to the same resources and skills to help them discover their world; expand creativity; perform better in school; and eventually take their technology know-how into the workplace.

Participants:  Redding & Easton students grades 4-9

1) ClayTech - Make your own Claymation Movie
2) GameTech - Learn Computer Programming while building working interactive games
3) RoboTech - Build and Program Working Robots

Have you seen Wallace & GromitGumby? What about Chicken Run? These popular shows and movies have one big thing in common. They were all made through the process of claymation. Claymation is a form of stop motion animation that uses clay characters and props. These characters are arranged against a backdrop and photographed, then moved very slightly and photographed again. When the pictures are strung together in a movie, the characters appear to be moving on their own. 
Clay Tech is a fun, hands-on introduction to animation, and it can expose members to a variety of careers that they might not know about. Over the course of eight missions, members will work in groups to create storyboards, build characters and sets then finally film and edit their own movies. The result of the program is a big payoff for members: a copy of their own movie to share with friends and family.
Our first ClayTech session just ended and was a tremendous success.  To see the movies the children created click here.  We look forward to running ClayTech again in the spring so stay tuned!

Game Tech provides Club members a fun introduction to the field of video game development and principles of game design, animation mechanics and software. Working both digitally and non-digitally, members learn to animate a character and begin the process to design their own video game.  Taught using MIT's award winning visual programming language SCRATCH ....  more...

Our first GameTech session was a tremendous success and we'll be running the program again this spring.

Robo Tech robotics program will provide Club members a fun and educational introduction to the field of robotics and its ancillary components of electronics, mechanics and software. The robotics field has grown exponentially in recent years, as industries from manufacturing to food service have begun using robotic technology to streamline their processes, save money and accomplish tasks too dangerous for a human being. 

Robotics is frequently defined as the science and technology of robots, including their design, manufacture and application. But while robotics may seem daunting, the Robo Tech program is in fact easy, fun and doable by most anyone. 
Using Lego Mindstorms® – a self-contained kit that provides an introduction to robotics – members, working in groups, will use the kits and tutorials to build and program a robot that interacts with its environment in numerous ways. 

Each of the eight missions begins with members visiting an easy-to-use, YouTube-inspired website to watch a short video about their peers in other Clubs completing that mission. Then they will work in small groups to complete their mission.

Stay tuned for registration information!