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Online Registration Coming Soon


2017/2018 Boys In-House Basketball

(We will be moving to a new website in the next few weeks, www.bacsports.org)

​K through 12 Registration starts October 1

Varsity Sponsored Clinic

Varsity is sponsoring a clinic that will feature former NBA all-star/former NCAA superstar in October see details and signup here:


Additional questions regarding this clinic should be directed to the Burnsville varsity basketball organization.


We are continually gathering names for volunteers and have exciting opportunities open with head coach, co-coach, and assistant coach positions.  If you are ready to show your child what it means to be a team and how to contribute to a team, then there is no better opportunity than becoming a coach.  The guidance you show your team will be carried on with their growth to adulthood.  Experience in basketball is absolutely not required.  Please keep your eyes open for the link to indicate your willingness to coach on the registration form once open.   

In addition to coaching, we still looking for volunteers for a variety of roles and responsibilities within the boys in-house program.  If you are interested, please contact us at bac.inhouse.basketball@gmail.com.  

For All Volunteer Opportunities:  YOU MUST BE ABLE TO PASS A BACKGROUND CHECK.



We are excited to announce that we have opened opportunities within the basketball program for all grade levels; Kindergarten through 12th.  The addition of the K-1 programs are being led by our very talented high school program and will be a great program to expose your child to basketball fundamentals and fun.  



We are moving to an online only registration process.  

FEES (2017/18 are the same as the previous season):

K - 2 $75 $37.50 $15
3 - 12 $150 $75.00 $30


*For those with scholarships, please follow the directions below. This is necessary to improve accuracy, turn time and to ensure data is in a single database.

1. Enter all of your information online but don't pay. 

2. Scan or photograph a copy of a current and valid reduced or free lunch confirmation letter (from school year 2017-2018) and email to bac.inhouse.basketball@gmail.com.

3. Include your child's name and grade.

You will receive a response email from BAC with confirmation of modified fee within 3 business days.  You can then return to the website to complete registration.

Note: you must complete this process (including payment) in order to complete the registration process.  

*** The late fee is the same for scholarship and non-scholarship athletes.

2017/18 schedule will be simialr to the 2016/17 one, shown below:

Grades Start Date End Date Possible Days Hours # of Weeks
K -2nd 3-Jan 25-Feb Thur/Sat 4 8
3rd/4th 14-Nov 24-Feb M, T, Th, F 2 13
5th/6th 14-Nov 24-Feb M, T, Th, F 2 13
7th/8th 3-Jan 10-Mar M, T, Th, F 2 10
Fresh/Sph 3-Jan 8-Mar M or Th 1 10
Jr/Sr 3-Jan 10-Mar Wed 1 10
K-2 Clinics 6-8 Thur &  8 to 10 on Sat    
Grades Start Date End Date Days Hours # of Weeks
K -2nd Practice/Clinic Only
3rd/4th 19-Nov 25-Feb Sat 1.25 12
5th/6th 19-Nov 25-Feb Sat 1.25 12
7th/8th 7-Jan 11-Mar Sat 1.25 10
Fresh/Sph 8-Jan 12-Mar Sun 1.25 10
Jr/Sr 8-Jan 12-Mar Sun 1.25 10


  The number of game teams are larger than practice teams because they include partnerships with other organizations
  * Excludes Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and one traveling tournament.