Girls fastpitch travel softball association in Central NJ.


What happens to the fees we pay?

Every season a bank account is opened for each team.  Player fees as well as other monies raised by the team are deposited in the account and used for tournament fees, trainer costs, field and indoor facility usage, equipment and other similar costs.  In addition, our organization is actively engaged in fundraising efforts over the course of the season. Fundraising dollars at the program level are partially distributed to each team thereby helping to defray costs associated with the program.  


What you should expect for the fee:

Each team’s budget, prepared by its manager, will include the debits and credits associated with:

•     Player Fees  

•     Professional training expenses:  All teams and all players receive professional training that's coordinated at the club level.

•     Fall tournaments fees: A fall schedule that will include some combination of a weekly league, scrimmages or a few tournaments, ending in October or early November. 

•     Winter training costs: Teams will break for approximately 6 weeks and begin indoor training in early January.  

•     Spring/Summer tournament fees: 

  •  For Ninjas 8U, 10U, 12U and first year 14u teams, the spring tournament schedule will begin in late March or early April and end the last week of July. The majority of these teams play an average of 6 tournaments, with 8u teams playing fewer tournaments (approximately 4), in the spring.
  • Ninja teams at the second year 14U level and Witches Showcase and Futures teams, will begin tournaments around Memorial Day or early June, after the school softball season has concluded.  

•     Field usage cost

*     Capital Expense Assessment: Contained within each player’s annual fee is an amount (currently $50) that is used for capital expenses that benefit  the program at large. For example, these funds have been used for purchasing a shed, tractor and pay for field enhancements.

•     Miscellaneous: including insurance costs. 

•     NOTE: The uniform and other apparel costs are not part of the base fee.

Keep in mind that a successful fundraising season could potentially increase the increase each family's annual refund.


Checks and balances:

There are internal controls that prevent misappropriation of funds and ensure monies are being applied as intended. These controls include check protocols (no authorized signer can write a check to themselves), a conflict of interest policy, and a club-level treasurer role that supervises payments made by team managers from each team account. 


Payment Schedule

The annual fee has historically been collected in two installments for the Ninja's teams, two-thirds at the time your daughter commits to be a Ninja and one-third in January. For Witches Showcase and Futures, the payment schedule may vary due to pre-payment of tournaments and other front-loaded expenses at the A-club level. 

The acceptance of a position on a team is for the entire year which runs from September through end of July.  Annual fees are split into two installments.  It is expected that by accepting a position with the team in August that a player will remain with the team the entire year and full payment will be made.   If you are unhappy with the team and plan on leaving please contact the president to discuss potential dismissal of any final payments owed to the organization.  


Financial assistance program: 

Our organization believes that every girl should have the ability to play softball at a competitive level regardless of financial issues. To this end, the Ninjas and Witches organization recently instituted a Financial Assistance Program.  If you would like to request more information or are seeking this assistance, please contact the President at