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Rudy Mastrocinque Scholarship for Community Service

The Kings Park Soccer Club will accept requests for consideration until by date posted on the Kings Park School Distrect website. All requests must be received in writing by this date, no late requests will be considered.

The criteria for consideration is as follows:

1. This scholarship is to be applied for by recommendation from a non-family member. All recommendations must be received in writing and should explain why the student deserves this award and lists any other qualifications that relate to the criteria below. In addition, the person submitting a recommendation should include their name, address and phone number as well as contact information for the student.

2. The student must be planning to attend a school of higher education.

3. The scholarship is to award the student's ongoing community services and/or act of community service that distinguishes him or herself from the rest of the student body.

4. The student should show involvement in a variety of extra curricular activities. Such as athletics, school club, music, community clubs and/or other activities.

5. The student, at sometime, must have been involved with soccer either with a club or school team in Kings Park.

Please bring all completed applications and supporting documentation to Mrs. Laura Harris in the Main Office by the due date.

Attention:The Kings Park Soccer Club Scholarship Committee