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Blue Wave Fastpitch Mission Statement
Blue Wave Fastpitch is committed to molding great young women into champions, on the field and in the community. Our goal as an organization is to develop, coach, teach, train and invest in our young women to compete at the varsity level in High School and ultimately, guide them to take advantage of scholarships and play at the College Level.
In order to achieve these goals, we dedicate ourselves to hard work and discipline through 4 basic rules:

Commitment: Work-ethic, sportsmanship, punctuality, ownership and being the ultimate team player.
High Performance Culture: Participate and contribute to all aspects of your softball career, as a team and as an organization.
Representation: Be aware that you ALWAYS represent the Blue Wave “BRAND” on and off the field.
Pride:  Practice and play hard at all times, play with pride for your teammates, your parents/family and most importantly, yourself. GO HARD OR GO HOME!
We know that when we take care of business in the classroom and the community, we can take care of business on the field. The discipline we learn from our softball experience will extend into our daily lives - the work habits from the classroom and on the field will carry over into our business lives - and the success we achieve from our hard work and perseverance will teach life lessons that will extend far beyond the diamond. Blue Wave Fastpitch is committed to developing young women into champions, on and off the field.