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  • Regular NFHS High School Rules apply except as specified below

    1. Goals: 4’x4’ or 4x4’-6” regulation box goals

    2. Players: 5 runners & 1 goalie per team on the floor

    3. Offside: Does not exist in indoor lacrosse; players may go anywhere on the field

      • Goalies: May cross the midline without having a runner remain in their defensive half

    4. Substitutions: During play, teams may substitute players in and out freely: “on the fly” substitution 

      • No horns

      • Regular substitution shall be allowed during deadball situations

    5. Face-Offs: Only occur at the beginning of each half.  One player from each team will line up on the ball for the face off. The remaining players will position behind the restraining lines.  Player’s distribution behind the restraining lines does not have to be balanced. Players will be release on the face-off whistle. After a team concedes a goal, goalie retrieves the ball out of the goal and game play resumes at the defensive goal line extended. (Similar to basketball)

      • If the goal differential gets to 5 goals, the losing coach may request possession after goals.

    6. Game Length: Two twenty-five (25) minute running clock halves

      • Half time: 5 minutes

      • Time outs: No time outs allowed

    7. Advancing the ball: The team has 10 seconds to bring the ball across the mid-line

      • Once the ball crosses the midline, the offensive team must maintain the ball on the offensive half of the rink.If the ball crosses the midline, last touching an offensive player, it is a delay of game and an automatic turnover at mid-rink.That includes shots, unless it hits a defensive player first.

    8. < > Checking a player with your stick while your hands are apart will result in a 90 second personal foul penalty. However, using your stick while your hands are apart to simply guide an opponent’s direction is permitted.

      Checking: Controlled checking is allowed, overly aggressive body checks or a running start of more than 3 steps is a dangerous play and a personal foul penalty.

      • No takeout checks, same as NFHS and US Lacrosse rules

      • Controlled Contact: Controlled contact is allowed while playing defense

        • Example: Defensive player uses his body to dictate the direction or guide of an offensive player that is trying to create a high percentage shot by dodging to the middle of the field

      • Running hits: running hits of more than 3 steps before initiating contact is not allowed.

      • Ground ball along boards: players are allowed to use their body to gain position for a ground ball

        • Players are allowed only to make contact with the opposing players front and side of the body to gain position

        • Any contact to the back is a penalty and automatic possession for the opposing team

      • 3 foot rule: Player gains possession of the ball while against the boards, opposition must remain 3 feet away; defending player must allow player in possession of the ball to return to the legal field of play

      • No body checking of the goalie is allowed on the defensive half of the rink.

      • Multiple boarding offenses – in one (1) game

        • Players 1st offense: 180 second non-releasable penalty (Double personal foul)

        • Players 2nd offense: player is ejected from the game

    9. Running the boards: Players are not permitted to run down the field along the boards; player must make a reasonable effort to return to the field of play within three (3) steps 

      • Player continually runs along the boards, possession of the ball will be lost

    10. Penalties: Personal fouls are 90 seconds and technical fouls are 45 seconds running time.

      • Longer penalties due to running clock

  • Crease Rule:  Allowed in the High School Divisions, but not the Youth Divisions.

  • Players can dive through the crease cylinder, but must score before touching the crease.

  • Any contact with the goalie, his stick, the goal, or goal netting, nullifies the goal and results in a turnover.

  • If player is pushed into the crease and shot goes into goal, goal will stand

  • Defensive players may run through the crease (just like field)

  • Forfeits: Only occur if a team does not have enough players to field a full team with a goalie; players can be borrowed from the opposing team to play, after the forfeit is official

    • If team does not have enough players and borrows players from another team (not the opposing team), team made up of one or more teams must declare this to the opposing team - giving them the option to make team with borrowed players forfeit and then play

  • Conduct Penalties and Ejections: Officials reserve the right to eject any player for conduct or dangerous play; ejected player will be suspended for one game.

    • If a player is ejected twice, that player is ejected from the league.

    • If a player accumulates a third boarding penalty, he is expelled from the league.

    • It’s the coach’s duty to control the team and run a clean and well organized bench

    • Parents, young children, representatives of Adrenaline and the facility owners/operators will be present at every game

      • No swearing!

      • No unfit conduct!

  • Sticks : shall follow NFHS rules with the following exceptions

    • For runners, the stick shall be between 40 and 46 inches.

    • For goalies, Box Goalie stick shall be legal.

  • Fighting: Zero tolerance on fighting

    • Both players will be ejected from the game and suspended for the next game

    • If a player is suspended twice during the course of the season, the player is expelled from the league.

    • Any coaches, officials, field personnel, and/or parents involved in a physical altercation will be banned from the league.

  • Shot Clock: The offensive team must place a shot on goal before the expiration of the shot clock. 

    • A shot on goal is defined as a shot that must hit either 1.) the goalie, 2.) any part of any defensive players stick, or 3.) the goal.If the offensive team places a shot on goal and maintains possession, the shot clock will be reset.

    • Upon the expiration of the shot clock at the buzzer, the penalized team must immediately drop the ball or a delay of game technical foul will be assessed.

    • The shot clock will consistently during the game, regardless if there is a man down situation.