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The 10th Annual MBCA Senior Awards Breakfast will be held on Saturday May 7, 2017 at The Hogan Center at the College of the Holy Cross.


Over 90 Massachusetts male and female basketball players will be honored for their academic excellence and their outstanding achievements on the court this past basketball season.


All four sections of the state will be represented and presented their achievement awards in the following categories.


All Academic Team

All Senior Team

District Player of the Year

State Player of the Year


Nominations for all categories are in this newsletter and on the MBCA website at mbcaorg.com


Nominations need to be submitted to your District Coordinator

In the case of the All Academic Team submit to or contact

Kristen McDonnell or 617-407-4287

37 Prospect Ave #1 Norwood MA 02062


For additional information contact your District Representative or

John Franceschini or 617-799-3711


Please remember that for coaches and players to be included in our awards program membership in the MBCA is required




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