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 WSA Travel Soccer Program Fees

For the Fall 2017 (Winter) & Spring 2018 Travel Soccer Season


Please read carefully



2017/18 FEES



Tryout Fee:   $50 (no refund) - pay online at time of registration


Annual Tuition Fee for U9 & U10:  $1,220 


Annual Tuition Fee for U11 & U12:   $1,200 


Annual Tuition Fee for U13 - U18: $1,175




  • Fall Season: Two 75 minute practices/week on Wed & Fri;  8-9 Sunday games, two tournaments for U9/U10 & one for U11-U15
  • Prime time hours for games are between 12noon and 5pm on Sundays.  
  • Winter Season: 6 session Indoor practice
  • Westport Indoor Tournament (WIN) entry.  All WSA team entry & coaching fees are paid by the WSA.  All WSA Travel teams are expected to play in the WIN Tournament.  A portion of the net proceeds are donated to the Coleman Brothers Foundation.  Each WSA team is expected to sponsor at least one full page ad in the WIN Tournament booklet and provide volunteers for the tournament.  
  • Spring Season: Two 90 minute practices/week on Wed & Fri;   8-9 Sunday games, one tournament
  • Professional Coaches provided by Mickey Kydes Soccer Enterprises
  • Referee Fees (4-5 home games per season)
  • Uniform and Equipment are additional fees, if needed
  • Team Website


Payment Schedule



  • $50 Tryout Fee is due at the time of tryout registration  - No player can tryout until $50 is paid
  • Tryout Results are announced Thursday, June 22, 2017
  • TUITION can be paid in full or in two installments (a late fee of $75 will be applied after due dates)
  • 1st payment must be made by July 1, 2017 & 2nd payment must be made by October 1, 2017*  
  • *($75 late fee will be assessed thereafter)
  • U9 & U10 Tuition:  $1,220  (1st payment: $900  due July 1st/  2nd (final) payment $320 due Oct 1st) 
  • U11 & U12 Tuition:  $1,200 (1st payment:  $900 due July 1st/ 2nd (final) payment $300 due Oct 1st)
  • U13 - U18 Tuition:  $1,175 (1st payment: $900 due July 1st/ 2nd (final) payment $275 due Oct 1st)


Any player who has made and accepted a spot for a premier team should notify the WSA as soon as possible and NO later than July 1, 2017  
Contact:  travel@westportsoccer.org

NO refund will be given for players that accept a WSA Travel Team spot and subsequently withdraw for any reason other than for medical reasons supported by a doctor's note or for moving out of Westport, including to play for a premier team, after the WSA Travel Soccer acceptance deadline

No players can attend pre-season or receive a player pass to step onto the field until first payment is made.

Players not paid in full by October 1st will have their player pass removed and will not be allowed to practice or play until fully paid. 


Payment Options

Payments shall be made via our By-Invitation-Only Acceptance Registration Link which is sent to you with your player congratulations email.

Or if you already registered an acceptance, go to Edit My Account (bottom left tab on home page on WSA site), sign in and system will ask for payment.




WSA Travel soccer is a full year program. Pro-rated refunds will be considered only for medical reasons (with doctor’s note) and/or if a family relocates out of Westport, less a $100.00 processing fee.  NO refund will be given for players that withdraw from a WSA Travel team to play for a premier team or decide they no longer wish to play. 



Fees not paid by the due dates on the tryout information page may result in forfeiture of placement on team roster

WSA Offers financial aid thru Town Services, Patty Haberstroh 203-341-1069 hsyouth@westportct.gov
Applications must be reviewed and renewed each season. 

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