The LYV Code of Conduct sets the tone for the manner that parents, players, and coaches conduct themselves. The LYV Code of Conduct is below. Each parent, player, and coach must sign the LYV Code of Conduct prior to the player participating.


Loudoun Youth Volleyball

Code of Conduct


All Participants

I will demand a sports environment that is free from drugs, alcohol and tobacco and will refrain from their use at all games, exhibitions, practices and events. I will never attend a game or a practice under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


I will respect all facilities and equipment made available for my team to practice and play games and I will teach my team to respect the facilities and equipment as well. I will protect the ability to continue using the facilities by following all the rules of the facility such as NO FOOD OR DRINKS IN THE GYM except for water. I, and my team, will always strive to leave the facility better than we found it.


I will learn and understand the rules of play and the etiquette of the game as set forth by Loudoun Youth Volleyball and USA Volleyball. I will abide by both the letter and the spirit of the rules and will encourage my team to do the same.


I will respect the referees and game officials and their authority during every game. I will never dispute or excessively argue any decisions made by them, or confront any referee or league official before, during or after the game. I understand that ‘asking’ for a call is as unsportsmanlike as arguing a call. Whenever necessary, I will take the time to calmly and rationally discuss any situation or call made during a game with a referee or league official.


Coach’s Code of Conduct

I understand that coaching is a position of trust. Therefore, I will be a positive role model for my players, and I will maintain my personal integrity and dignity at all times.


I understand that being a coach means being, first and foremost, a teacher. I will teach my players basic skills, techniques and strategies, and will give all my players the opportunity to improve their skills, gain confidence and develop self-esteem at practice and in games. I will teach them the value of teamwork and good sportsmanship.


I will always remember that my players are involved in Loudoun Youth Volleyball for fun and enjoyment, and I will do everything possible to keep the game fun and enjoyable. I am a youth coach and understand that the game is for the children, not the adults.


I understand that winning is a consideration, but not the only one, nor the most important one. I will place the well-being of every player above my personal desire to win. I will be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.


I will always display good sportsmanship and fair play, and will encourage the same from my players, colleagues, opponents, parents and spectators. I will be responsible for the conduct of my players, parents and spectators during a game. I will encourage them to applaud and cheer for good plays by either team.


To ensure the safety of my players, I will learn the proper set-up, take-down, storage and care for the equipment used by Loudoun Youth Volleyball. I will inspect all equipment and practice areas before each practice to ensure that there are no hazards to the players, coaches or spectators. I will report any deficiencies to the facilities supervisor or the LYV administrator.


I will always strive to have a positive attitude, and I will praise my players for trying hard, playing fair and doing their best, regardless of the outcome of the game. I will provide only encouragement and positive direction to players during games.


I will treat my players in a fair and equal manner. I will work with and strive to develop every member of the team. I will know and understand LYV playing time guidelines and will give every player an opportunity to play as much as possible. I will never, knowingly or intentionally, violate any provision of the LYV playing time guidelines.


Parent's Code of Conduct

I will remember that the game is for my child and that he or she plays sports for his or her enjoyment, not for mine. I will place the emotional and physical well being of my child, and those on the team, ahead of any personal motives. I will teach my child that doing one's best is as important as winning so that my child will never feel defeated by the outcome of a game. I will never force my child to participate in sports.


I will help my child understand that winning AND losing are part of sports. Sports teach players to believe in themselves and to take risks; with risk comes the possibility of success and failure. Players learn important lessons from both.


I understand that the coaches, league officials, and referees volunteer their time for the benefit of my child and I will respect their commitment by allowing them to perform their duties without interference. I will not advise the coach on how to coach, who to put in the game and/or who to take out of the game nor will I try to coach my child or other players during the game unless asked to do so by the coach. I will respect the integrity of the officials and not advise them how to call the match or question their judgment during a game.


I will cheer for my child’s team in a positive manner, and I will applaud good and fair play of both teams during matches.


I will set a positive example being involved and by ensuring my child attends practice and games and arrives on time.


Player's Code of Conduct

I will bring focus and energy to every practice and game, and I will listen to my coach's instructions carefully. I will always try to do my best.


I will play for the fun of it and will show up for every practice, game and/or clinic on time. I will work equally as hard for the team as for myself, striving to always give my best effort.


I understand that my role as a player is to play the game and will not let mistakes, or fear of making mistakes, stop me, for mistakes are an inevitable part of the game, and life, and people learn from their mistakes. I will positively encourage all of my teammates so that they, too, will not have a fear of making mistakes and together we will continue to strive to improve and learn.


I will demand more from myself than from my teammates. I understand that this is the sign of a serious and true competitor. I understand that everyone has different abilities and that the true measure of my success is not how I compare to others, but how I am doing in comparison to my best effort. I understand that improving my individual skills will lead to my Team's success.


Photographic Release Statement

From time to time photographs may be taken of Loudoun Youth Volleyball players and coaches engaging in LYV programs and activities. Loudoun Youth Volleyball and Northern Virginia Volleyball Association (NVVA) request the right to use these photos. These may be used for promotional brochures, or showcase of programs on our web sites, showcase of activities in local newspapers, and other not for-

profit purposes.


By signing this form, I consent to allow LYV and NVVA use of these photos that they have of me or my child participating in LYV activities.


By signing this form, I confirm that I understand and agree to the above request and conditions. I agree to give up my rights with regards to LYV photos of me or my child. I sign this form freely and without inducement.


Liability Statement

I hereby grant permission for my child to participate in the Loudoun Youth Volleyball League during the 2014 season. I accept full responsibility for his/her conduct and release NVVA/LYV, coaches and officials of any responsibility for accident or injury. I further grant permission for emergency first aid to be administered and, if deemed necessary, I grant permission for said youth to be transported to an emergency room, and authorize medical staff there to provide treatment.