girls fast pitch softball

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In a few weeks, we will be closing the book on yet another year. It seems like they go so fast any more. When I first took over the helm of the League in 2008, Halloween meant "down time". November, December and January were slower and not too many people were thinking about softball. Now it seems as if indoor practice facilities of various sizes are popping up everywhere, including the "megaplex" not too far from here! And the League administration seemed to have lost any down time too!

I'm not complaining! There are really two times during the year where I think that all the stuff we deal with each year, are really worth it. The first time is during our pre season scrimmage event when the young players try so hard to hit the ball and make the play. Despite their best efforts, the ball simply doesn't always go where they want it to. But everyone has a good time and that is what is most important. The second time is during our playoffs. Young players playing on the big fields, under the lights - what a thrill. 

I want to thank all of our parents and coaches that continue to make this a rewarding time for so many young women. I would like to thank our Board of Directors, who are not afraid to try new things which might improve the experiences for all of us. And finally, I would like to thank those sponsors - businesses which we have formed relationships with - who in their own way, support the programs that we provide. Many of the things we do would not be possible without their assistance.

Please enjoy the upcoming Holiday season.

Thanks and enjoy your off season.