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Midget 1 team wraps up the season
Congratulations to this year's Midget 1 team!  The boys...
Power Skating: do it!
In the past couple of years our Power Skating sessions have strayed...
Midget 1 team wraps up the season

2017 Midget 1 Team

Congratulations to this year's Midget 1 team!  The boys made it to the semi-finals of the SSC playoffs, and wrapped up the season in the Mass State Tournament in Stoneham.

And to this year's seniors, thanks for all the great memories.  You guys worked and played hard, and you represented your team, your town and yourselves extremely well.  I can't believe your youth hockey days are over.

Pictured left to right: Cam Doherty, Bones Blomquist, Brendan Hammy Hambone Hamsteak Hamilton, Shane Cronin, Solty Solmon, The Warden, Colin Lynch, Matt Heat Hetnik, Conor Donohue, Thomas Olie Olson, Cal Guarino, Harry Linehan, Thomas Leone, Brian Fallon, Brian Reissfelder, Danny Frodigh and Tim Dalton.

by coach reiss posted 12/01/2017
Power Skating: do it!

In the past couple of years our Power Skating sessions have strayed from their pure and honorable roots of ... well, you know, skating.  We had moved to more Skills instruction.  Skills are more fun!  Fun this, fun that ... well, that's all fine, but if you can't get to the puck before the other kid, all the skills in the world don't matter.  And if you can't execute your skills at speed, you won't have the puck for long.  But if you can skate, you'll have plenty of time to show off all those sick skills.

So it's time to get back to skating.  We spoke with our Power Skating instructors at ProAmbitions and they put together a 10-week progressive Power Skating program.  They will start with the basics of the stride and build from there. You can see a outline of the program here.  Frankly, we're very excited about this.  You can sign up for a similar program for a few hundred dollars.  We're offering this to all WYH players as part of their tuition.

We hope that all WYH players will take advantage of this as much as they can.


by posted 09/29/2017
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