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WLF PCA Workshop/Coaches Meeting
When: August 3, 2015 Where: Carroll University's Main Hall...
URGENT: WLF Member Registration
Over the past few weeks, MALA has sent email notices out to club/program...
Coaching Opportunities
If you are interested in coaching or know someone who is interested...
2015 Tournaments/Clinics
Visit the Tournaments/Clinics page to see the 2015 lacrosse tournaments...
Role of Parents
Please remember these positive points and help us all to enjoy a...
WLF PCA Workshop/Coaches Meeting

When: August 3, 2015
Where: Carroll University's Main Hall - B11, Waukesha
Time: 6:30pm to 7:30pm (doors open at 6:00pm)

​Hosted by Wisconsin Lacrosse Coaches Association

WLCA meeting immediately following

  • Topics
    • WLF Rules Changes
    • WLCA Updates & 2015-16 Initiatives
      • Up date from By-Laws Committee
      • Follow-up on 501(c)(3) process
      • Recap the Boys Post Season Awards process
      • Wisconsin Lacrosse Coaches Association Website

by posted 07/29/2015
URGENT: WLF Member Registration

Over the past few weeks, MALA has sent email notices out to club/program representatives regarding Membership Registration for the upcoming WLF Election of Directors. The elections will open in a few days and to date we have very few statewide members registered. To date only FOUR Clubs/programs have registered. These elections are very important as it is the WLF that administers lacrosse in our sate and sets many of our rules and regulations. Without registration, the member will not receive the password needed to submit a ballot for the election. Please help spread the word in your program to get your groups registration. Please urge participation as it is imperative to have a full and balanced membership voice in this statewide election process.

The website for registration is :

Section 1.03. Membership.   

For all purposes of these bylaws, the membership of the WLF shall consist of the Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation Board of Directors in office from time to time, who are active members of U.S. Lacrosse, Inc. and those lacrosse programs in Wisconsin that compete under the guidance of the Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation, being defined by the level of competition of teams and a single team within a school or club. These competition levels are boys’ high school, girls’ high school, boys’ youth and girls’ youth. 
Example: If a program supports boys’ high school teams (JV, varsity or both), and girls’ high school team (JV, varsity or both), that program would consist of two Members of the WLF. If a program supports boys’ high school, girls’ high school, boys’ youth (senior, junior, bantam or all) and girls’ youth, that program would consist of four Members.
Program members must be identified and contact information on file with the WLF Secretary no later than August 1 of each year.

by posted 07/29/2015
Coaching Opportunities

If you are interested in coaching or know someone who is interested in coaching, check out the MALA Coaching Opportunities page.

If you are searching for coaches, fill out the Coaches needed form to get your club/school need posted.

Good luck in your searches! Contact  with any questions.


by posted 07/29/2015
2015 Tournaments/Clinics

Visit the Tournaments/Clinics page to see the 2015 lacrosse tournaments and camps. They are listed chronologically.

Please forward information on tournaments or camps that are not listed, especially Girls tournaments. 

Thank you!


by posted 03/29/2015
Role of Parents

Please remember these positive points and help us all to enjoy a season of fun, fast and exciting lacrosse.

Visit for more information. 

The Role of Parents
You, the parent, are equally as important to your child's positive lacrosse experience as the coach of the team. In order for your child to get the most out of playing lacrosse, it is important that you do the following:

One: Be supportive of your child by giving encouragement and showing an interest in his or her team. Positive reinforcement encourages learning and fun. Research has shown that a ratio of five positive statements (compliments, positive recognition) for each negative statement (criticisms, corrections) is ideal for helping young athletes do their best. Try to maintain a 5:1 ratio in your comments to your child.

Two: Attend games whenever possible. If you cannot attend, ask about your child’s experience, not whether the team won or lost. Some questions that you might ask before asking about the final score include: "Did you try as hard as you could? Did you have fun? Did you learn anything today that might make you a better player in the future?"

Three: Be a positive role model by displaying good sportsmanship at all times to coaches, officials,opponents and your child’s teammates. "Honoring the Game" is an important part of what US Lacrosse represents. Help us by honoring the game in your behavior as a spectator.

Four: Let your child set his own goals and play the game for himself, herself. Be your child’s "home court advantage" by giving him or her your unconditional support regardless of how well he or she performs.

Five: Let the coach coach. Refrain from giving your child advice when he or she is playing. Use positive reinforcement with your child’s coach. Let the coach know when he or she is doing a good job.

Six: Respect the decisions of the referee or umpire. This is an important part of honoring the game. Your child will pay more attention to how you act than to what you say.

Seven: Read the rulebook. A full understanding of the rules will help you enjoy the game and educate others.

Eight: Get to know who is in charge. Meet with the leadership of the program, whether it’s school sponsored or recreational, to discuss topics such as cost, practice and game scheduling, insurance coverage, emergency procedures, etc.

Nine: Get involved! A great way to support your child's lacrosse experience is by becoming a volunteer for the program. Some of the ways you can get involved: keep the scorebook, run the clock, line the fields, manage equipment, chaperon trips, raise funds, organize clinics and team social events, update the team web site, photograph players and organize carpooling.

Ten: Sit back and enjoy the game. Remember, lacrosse is played for FUN.

by posted 02/05/2015
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