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Monster Mash Tournament Schedule
Hello Lacrosse Family - Welcome to the final week of Fall Lacrosse...
Fall Season Calendar
FALL 2018  SEASON CALENDAR: -          May...
Please Help Us Honor the Game!
Honor the Game Dear Parents/Players/Fans- TVYLL is proud to...
Welcome to TVYLL's website!
Welcome to the Treasure Valley Youth Lacrosse League! Here...
Monster Mash Tournament Schedule

Hello Lacrosse Family -

Welcome to the final week of Fall Lacrosse 2018! We are excited to end this great season on a high note at Monster Mash this weekend!

 Only 12U and 14U players will have games this week.

Monster Mash Tournament: Saturday October 27th, 9:30am – 3:30pm

Schedule: Please see the attached tournament bracket and schedule.
Plan on spending most of the day with us! We will have lots of food vendors, face painting, a pumpkin smash and of course, lots & lots of lacrosse!
Costume Contest: Teams are encouraged to dress in costume. Be creative but most importantly, have fun! Costumes cannot obstruct the players eyesight. Numbers will need to be visible for officiating and scorekeeping purposes.
Three teams will be chosen as costume contest winners and they will receive a prize!
ROOTS Raffle: If your player received a ROOTS Sportsmanship Sticker this season, make sure they stop by the Info Booth. You must show this season’s sticker to be entered in the raffle. Three awesome prizes will be up for grabs.
Score: Follow Game Rules and Reporting Instructions taped to the score table. We will be updating the results as soon as they come in so we can post the championship schedule in a timely manner.
Straw: We will have 10 bales of straw to get rid of at the end of the tournament. If you would like a free bale, please stick around until the end.
Tournament T-Shirts: As a thank you for a wonderful season, we have purchased t-shirts for all players. Team Managers or Coaches can pick up the T-Shirts at the Info Booth.  
Equipment Rental Turn-In: If you rented equipment this season, please return all items to the Equipment Rental Return Booth after your last game. Your deposit check will be returned at this time.
Coach Equipment: Return rage cage, goalie stick and coaching bag to the Equipment Return Booth. Balls are yours to keep. Teams with 9:30am game time will leave cages on the field. All other teams can turn in goals upon arrival at the field.
Jerseys: Team Managers or Coaches must turn in team jerseys + jersey bag to the Equipment Rental Return Booth. Players who do not return their jerseys will be fined $40. If your team is dressing in costume, plan on collecting jerseys at your last practice.
Parking: Plan on getting to field well before your game time. We will have over 2,000 people attending the tournament so parking will be tricky.
Fields: Click here - - > Ann Morrison Field Map. All fields will be marked with field signs for your convenience.


Thank you for your continued support - our lacrosse families are the heart of this league.

See you Saturday!


by posted 10/22/2018
Fall Season Calendar


-          May 19th – Registration Opens, sign up before June 2nd to receive a $15 discount on registration
-       August 6th - Registraion Closes for Boys 10U-14U
-          August 7th -12th – Waitlist Registration for Boys 10U-14U
-         August 12th - Registration Ends for 8U Boys and ALL Girls
-        August 16th - Equipment Rental Pick-Up, 6-8pm @ Lax ID
 -       August 16th - Equipment Rental Pick-Up, 12-2pm @ Lax ID
-          August 19th – Final Day to Register - 8U Boys and ALL Girls
-       August 23rd - Mandatory Coaches Meeting: Rosters and coaching gear distributed
-       August 26th - Equipment Renta Pick-Up @ Lax ID - LAST CHANCE!!
-          September 4th – Practices can begin
-      September 10th – Games begin
-      October 27th - Monster Mash Tournament || Season Ends (Costume contest, food & beverage vendors, family-friendly games).

by posted 08/18/2018
Please Help Us Honor the Game!

Honor the Game

Dear Parents/Players/Fans-

TVYLL is proud to be affiliated with and a grant recipient of the Positive Coaching Alliance and have required ALL our coaches to be certified by taking a two hour course which includes the following powerful easily remembered component:  ROOTS

As we look forward to the Spring season, please help us Honor the Game by following the ROOTS example:

R is for Rules:
Rules allow us to keep the game fair. If we win by ignoring or violating the rules, what is the value of our victory? TVYLL believes that honoring the letter AND the spirit of the rule is important.

O is for Opponents:
Without an opponent, there would be no competition. Rather than demeaning a strong or weak opponent, we need to honor both strong and weak opponents because they challenge us to do our best as players and as leaders. Athletes can be both fierce and friendly during the same competition (in one moment giving everything to get to a loose ball, and in the next moment helping an opponent up). Coaches showing respect for opposing coaches and players sets the tone for the rest of the team.  On the same note, parents on the spectator side should applaud great play by other teams even if the results are not what they had hoped for.  Comments about players abilities should be kept to oneself.  Please remember that we have both experienced and new players every year so we need to encourage and applaud them all.  

O is for Officials: (VERY IMPORTANT) 
Respecting officials, even when we disagree with their calls, may be the toughest part of Honoring the Game. We must remember that officials are not perfect (just like coaches, athletes and parents!). Take time to think about how to best approach an official when you want to discuss a call. What strategies do you have to keep yourself in control when you start to get upset with officials' calls? We must remember that the loss of officials (and finding enough in the first place) is a major problem in most youth sports organizations, and we can find a solution by consistently respecting officials.  Never confront an official in front of players.  Always finish the game by shaking their hands and saying "Thank You!".

T is for Teammates:
It's easy for young athletes to think solely about their own performance, but we want athletes to realize that being part of a team requires thinking about and respecting one's teammates. This respect needs to carry beyond the field/gym/track/pool into the classroom and social settings. Athletes need to be reminded that their conduct away from practices and games will reflect back on their teammates and the league, club, or school.

S is for Self:
Athletes should be encouraged to live up to their own highest personal standard of Honoring the Game, even when their opponents are not. An athlete's respect for themselves and their own standards must come first.


by posted 01/30/2012
Welcome to TVYLL's website!

Welcome to the
Treasure Valley Youth Lacrosse League!

Here at the TVYLL, we are all about introducing and developing the sport of lacrosse for the youth and middle school players here in the Treasure Valley and beyond!  For those who are new we would like to welcome you to our site and let you know that our mission is to continuously update our  information with news about our leagues, local clinics, travel teams opportunities, equipment sales and everything else lacrosse related. 

Please check back often as we will highlighting several clinics and volunteer opportunities to help improve the league and expand the sport in Idaho. Again we invite anyone who has some interest to contact us to help!

We look forward to seeing you at the fields.

by posted 12/28/2009
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