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Looking to Fall 2018
Hello Parents and Players!   CYSA does NOT have a Spring...
Lindsay's Law: Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Youth Athletes
Lindsay’s Law: Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Youth...
CYSA Weather Policy
  Now is a good time to review our weather policy!   Every...
Looking to Fall 2018

Hello Parents and Players!


CYSA does NOT have a Spring session. Registration for our Fall 2018 season will open May 1st. Please visit our website on May 1st to register!


Thank you.

by posted 01/18/2018
Lindsay's Law: Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Youth Athletes

Lindsay’s Law: Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Youth Athletes

What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

A Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) occurs when the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating, cutting off blood flow to the brain and other vital organs.  Sudden cardiac arrest is fatal if not treated immediately, most often by a defibrillator. Please note that the City of Springboro has an Automated External Defibrillators (AED) in each concession stand.

Who is Lindsay?

Senate Bill 252 is named for national heart health advocate and former Miss Ohio Lindsay Davis who suffers from a heart condition and has since dedicated her career to raising awareness of this potentially fatal condition.

"Sudden cardiac arrest is the number one killer of student athletes," said Davis. "At any moment I could have died because coaches and teachers had no idea this was even a possibility for someone who looked as healthy as I did at that age."

The following resources were developed to implement Lindsay’s Law:

For parents/guardians and youth athletes:

For coaches:

  • If you are a coach for an interscholastic sport and are licensed by the Ohio Department of Education, please visit their website for information about their training requirements around Lindsay’s Law.

  • If you are a coach in a community program, please use the following resources:


ODH Contact Information

Ohio Department of Health
School Nursing Program
246 North High Street, 7th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

Telephone: 614-466-1930



by posted 07/20/2017
CYSA Weather Policy


Now is a good time to review our weather policy!


Every team must show up to the field prior to their game time - UNLESS the parents have been contacted and told otherwise. If the parks are closed due to weather, the status on our website will be changed (see 'Park Status' box) to 'Closed.' Once the parks are closed, an email/text is sent out to all coaches. The coaches are then responsible for notifying their team. 


If the parks have not been closed, the referees can still make the decision to suspend/postpone a game at the field. It is important for all players to show up prior to game time. If the game is played and a team does not have enough players, that team will forfeit the game.


In event of a storm, referees will stop and suspend games until the danger has passed using the following minimum criteria: The sighting of a lightning flash or the hearing of the sound of thunder shall be reason enough to immediately stop and suspend a game. Coaches should then take their players to a safe location upon suspension of a game. Play shall not be resumed prior to 30-minutes after the last sighting of lightning or the last sound of thunder heard. 

by posted 08/27/2015

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Heat Index

To view the current temperature and heat index click HERE.


Heat Index Restriction

In an effort to keep our players safe, practices are to be suspended should the heat index reach 100°.

If the heat index reaches +90°, additional water breaks should be encouraged during practices.

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